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No Idea where I am!

Jan 02, 2011 - 3 comments

Today is CD 26 and I literally do not have any idea where I am at!!!!! I started to BBT but stopped I did not want to let that take over my life! I feel tired, and cramps here and there and my Bbs are sore. I feel like AF is coming. If she is and I am hoping she does because I am going to take a break and focus on ME!!! I am going to get on BC and try and lose some weight. She should be here within the next 4 days!!! I am not even thinking about buying a test and that is a first, I probably am 8-9 DPO and have always tested by now! I guess I am startiong this new year with a whole new perepective on things! Last year my life had a lot of disapointment and don't want to go through the same things again. So wish me luck on the whole losing weight thing and hopefully after 6 months of BC I will have a sticky bean!!!

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by l0st_child, Jan 02, 2011
Wishing u all the best girly... I have seen ur struggles and it breaks my heart more to see u go through them, I hope this change bring u peace and joy and ur sticky bean will not be to far off...

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by carebear1805, Jan 03, 2011
Good Luck with everything!!!! I think that i am going to do the same if i don't get a BFP this month. I,m going to take a break until my son Noah is 2yrs old then try again.I need to focus on me and loss weight to feel better about myself because lately i have been feeling really  down on how i look. I want to be more healthy for when i do get pregnant it is better that way. I have been so stressed out with this whole TTC over these month i have put on a lot of extra weight in the process.I have a feeling that i am going to be this month so will see. Best wishes that everything  goes your way this year!!!!

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by JenJen25, Jan 12, 2011
Oh I know how you feel!  I forgot to track my BBT today and the day before yesterday, which obviously sets me back but I am sure my body is ovulating.  I told myself the same thing that I didn't want to start to track my BBT again and let that take over my life but I can't help it.  It's in my nature to track, research and do anything possible to make something happen.  So, I am just going to listen to my body.  Do what you feel is right and when you feel you are ready. All the best hun! :)

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