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had a show

Jan 03, 2011 - 2 comments

so im a bit sore down there, all the dampness of the last few weeks `accidents` during my coughing fits but to top it all ive got huge grape like things protruding from my rear which hurt like hell and bleed for england!
yep hemoroids, piles call it what you like...apparently a side effect from the antibiotics! one hell to another....
so tommorrow im off to get something for them, i hate bank holidays there's always something you need but cant get hold of!
and to top it all....ive had my show, yep a bloody mucus discharge which i instantly not worried as in the past ive had a show a few months before anything positive happened and the midwives despite my panic were so relaxed about it that im not bothered at all. it just means that things are geting prepd down there. so im not panicking just reporting i guess........
ive semi packed my suitcase, im not taking seperate bags i did that last time and needed stuff still at home so im putting it all in one med sized case, i have a few bits to buy but then it'll be ready, for some reason its been playing on my mind which is why ive now begun to pack it.
im taking it that i have 6 wks left, and boy am i feeling it now!  I know im stilll ill and have been so poorly that i cant expect to just bounce back but im so tired at the moment, its official i cant reach my feet and im worried that  the midwives will see my poor neglected toes/nails and think what on earth!
its been a hard couple of weeks and the children go back to school tommorrow, still one positive...i get to drive my new car (it was hubbies old one which i  wasnt often allowed to drive but now its mine!) an MPV and it will have tons of room in for the new baby! Ive even made a cute sign `mum to be on board` sign complete with a little pregger mum in the centre, its wicked!
and so i settle down for the night....hope i feel better tommorrow ive got tons to do

baby j
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1255151 tn?1413891826
by rbohl01, Jan 04, 2011
Wow I can't believe you had your show already. Thats pretty early. Hopefully that babyb bakes awhile longer =) Glad you got a new vehicle. I am hoping this one will be more reliable for you and safer for you to drive. I hope you post some new belly pics soon. Would love to see an update

1301836 tn?1305621815
by natashajay, Jan 05, 2011
oh my gosh i was just thinking i ought to get on with that! belly piks on the for the show well i had one last time early and it was so `nothing to worry about` according to the midwives that im not bothered now...bit wierd tho and it did make me shake for a while after i discovered it...just gotta remain really clean down there now to minimise infection...the midwives will keep an eye on just normality to deal with ( as far as normality is).
yea my car is a dream! im still a bit nervous to drive it but im loving it, i drive to the supermarket for anything just so i can drive sad is that!

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