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Recently found out I have PCOS

Sep 03, 2008 - 8 comments

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I am 28 and will be 29 this year and I just found out I have PCOS. I believe I have had it since puberty began. I have gone to different OBGYNs over the years and when they asked about my periods I always said I wasn't regular. The ones I went to in the past told me it was stress which made since to me because my life has been full of it. I probably would have went to my last one again had he not moved out of town due to a failed liability cap vote on incompentent doctors. So when looking for a new one covered by my insurence I chose a PAC practitioning nurse. When she asked about my periods, I gave the same answer I had given before and what do you know..... she said I immedaietly needed to be checked for PCOS. After major blood work she determined I had PCOS. It upsets me that I had the symptoms all these years (12 years) and I have just now been diagnosed. I am reaching that better start thinking about having a baby age if I want one and now I found I might not be able to have one. I think about why I was I so careful not to have a baby all these years and I compare myself to my younger brother who has already had a couple. It can be unnerving if I let it be. I know I would be a good parent! I am determined to have a child one day but that will happen when the time is right. Let's go back to PCOS.

When I first was diagnosed with PCOS about a month ago I quickly jumped on the internet(got my results on the phone) and started doing research. "leading cause to infertility" "no cure" tears later and after not finding too much information in my first search I became depressed. It's funny my first search seemed to pop up many websites which looked like the websites just cut and pasted the same information. It wasn't too helpful other than me making jokes to myself about my reproductive system being in fashion"strand of pearls" (ovarian cysts). Then I ranted on myspace trying to bring awareness, and then I watched youtube videos.  The youtube videos where helpful at that time because I felt that I was not alone. It was nice to share in the emotional rollarcoaster with others. One of the things I realized is that most of the women on there with PCOS were overweight. I have some vanity pounds to lose but then who doesn't. I think I am pretty fortunate in that regard. Then I looked on wikipedia and it stated that PCOS is often not diagnosed so I am lucky in that regard as well. Let's talk about the symptoms that I do have.

I think when I was about 14 I got my rear curves, at the time I attributed it to the neighborhood children not wanting to play kickball as much. When I was 15 I got my period. I would also like to note that I also got hair on my nipples well aereole the skin around the nipple and actually just one black one. One that has continued to grow since, despite my plucking..others have come and gone but that one remains to come back pluck after pluck. I also had a little bit of a happy trail(also black hair) and I had a slight mustache but that was blonde like the rest of the hair on my face which was only noticable in certain light. I didn't really hed that too much attention. I also had pimples on and off which I attributed to being a teenager but I still break out. I am almost 30 and I still break out.. I attributed that to my poor diet and lack of not being a skin nazi. I have looked into numerous products over the year for hair removal systems and acne products(face and the rest of the body) with not much success. One of my other symptoms was sometimes a slight pain during intercourse. I attributed that to different guys equipment or sexual positions that just didn't work for me. I broke up with so many guys because I thought we just didn't fit wasn't perfect. My other symptom was an irregular period. My period would come around the same time for a few months and then I would skip one here or there. It would be on different starting days there really wasn't too much consistency but it had been that way since my period began and when I told that first OBGYN she eased my concerns. THANKS ALOT!  Those are really the only symptoms I have figured out so far.
I also found out that I am insulin resistent which seems to be common with many women with PCOS. They say they don't know exactely what causes PCOS. They think it's a combination of things. I have a combination of those things. I had a poor diet. I didn't grow out of the junk food phase as I aged and had been quite proud of that, silly me. "vegetables...yuk give me steak and potatoes...whats that? pizza and ice cream? where do I sign up? " Of course that has changed now. On my Mom's side two of my Great, Great aunts never had children not by choice. I remember one of them used to pride herself in never having broken bones in her old age...she told me she had a glass of milk every morning of her life which I find is interesting because according to some schools of thought on PCOS dairy aggravates ovarian cysts. On my Dads side my grandmother told me she had a couple of miscarriages in between the 5 children she did have which I wouldn't neccessarily think would be related to PCOS except that her daughter had a very difficult time conceiving and was only able to have one child despite her dreams for a big family. So poor diet and DNA bam PCOS.
I think its important to note that I have never taken birth control pills. I chose not to because I knew that I could not remember to take them everyday, they did not prevent STDs, they cost money, and they had side effects. So I chose not to. I am changing my diet and I am looking for a doctor who has vaginal ultrasound equipment. Once I see a pictures of what is going on down there I can see how my diet is effecting my PCOS. According to some, some foods effect your hormones and that is really what leads to PCOS.....a hormonal imbalance. It might not be enough though for me because I have a crooked back which I read leads to a hormonal imbalance as well. We shall see!
The best sources of information about PCOS/women problems I have found came from the library. "It's my ovaries, Stupid" "The Estrogen Alternative" and "Managing PCOS"( I think that was the title) All written pretty recently despite the fact that PCOS was discoved in the 30's. These books really helped me to understand what was going on in my body as well as has helped me to understand potential factors which has lead me to have PCOS or at least contribute to it's aggravation. Also, "The New Glucose Revolution" which is helping me to understand my Insulin Resistence. It's funny I picked up the book because one of the other books had talked about Glycymic Index and by the time I finished one of the other books it had recommended getting it. Some of the books kind of contradict each other on some information so do not take everything that you read at face value. I say get mulitiple sources of information and form your own deductions. With my insulin resistence awareness I can look back on life an explain so many things, like the sluggishness much misinterpretation..wondering if I was depressed but not really feeling like I needed the title. Most source say that between 4-10% of the population have PCOS but I think that number is much, much higher because it took me over 12 years to get a diagnoses and birth control pills can mask the symptoms. Then you have things like Insulin resistence which can lead to diabetes for many PCOS women. So time will tell as the number of people effected by all three of these things increases.
So many missed opportunities, with career, love, family, health and just life in general. The good news is that now I know I will be educating people with the info I have found until I am blue in the face and I will have more and greater opportunites to appreciate in the future. Good luck to all you women out there suffering from PCOS and remember to stay positive and good things will happen to you!

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by meder789123, Sep 24, 2008
I was diagnosed with PCOS 3 years ago.  I am now going to be 36 this year.  I like you had told doctor after doctor how I was feeling and about not being able to loose weight while following a "healthy" diet and excessive exercise.  Time after time I was told I was just being lazy and not eating the right foods.  THANKS DOC,  I was eating almost nothing and working out 6 days a week for 2 hours a day.  I don't think  thats lazy.  I know I have had this since I was a teenager because I would only have 3 periods a year from the time I first started my periods.  My symptoms were as follows:  irregular periods, a little hair (which I never noticed until the doctor asked me about it), ovarian cysts, dandruff, obesity, insulin resistance, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, pelvic pain during intercourse, snoring and times when I would stop breathing while asleep.  It also took me over a year to conceive my first child.  So, I had a 1 year old at the time of my diagnosis.  I was worried I would never be able to have anymore children and the clock was ticking.  My doctor  performed blood tests and confirmed I had PCOS and prescribed metformin.  I felt so much better after that.  I now have another child who is 18 months.  Also, beware a lot of time women with PCOS become diabetic during pregnancy.  I did.  I am done creating my family now and I wanted to feel better and look better.  I started reading Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution.  He specifically talks about the benefits of loosing weight and feeling better for patients that have PCOS.  High Fat, Low Carb, High Protein Diet.  I have lost 73 pounds so far and I feel great.  I eat a lot of veggies that I haven't in the past.  I feel full.  I don't crave food anymore.  I do need to exercise for often than what I do. My blood work is great, blood pressure and cholesterol is great.  I mean I couldn't ask for anything better.  Also,  my personal opinion on trying to get pregnant if you have PCOS is get your blood sugar under control, eat a high fat, low carb, high protein diet, exercise regularly and it will send your body back into normal gear. Yes u will know when your body is back in normal gear.   Ever since I started doing all the above my periods have been regular and I feel absolutely great.  I can't tell you when the last time was that I took a nap during the day after a meal.  Maybe I am just feeling lucky but I figure the only thing PCOS has on me is making sure I keep my body healthy, and that I can do.  My thoughts and prayers got out to all of the women who have to live with PCOS.  Don't think it is the end of the world because you have PCOS.  There are many possibilities for us and your future is in your hands.

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by carmy77, Dec 25, 2008
I have never really been diagnosed properly by a doctor about PCOS,but I KNOW I have it. I am ROUND in the abdomen, I weigh 250 lbs... I know,it's not something I'm proud of :0( I was recently diagnosed with type diabetes,which most women with PCOS have, I'm 31 and still get acne, I have a lot of hair,but not a beard or mustache,haha. My periods have NEVER been normal. I once went 2 years without a period. Here lately, I have been having a period every couple months which is VERY strange to me. It might have to do with the insulin meds I'm on because they often prescribe the same medication used in type 2 diabetes for PCOS sufferers. The idea of never being able to have children,or that it might be hard to has never bothered me. I dont really see myself being a mother,but having diabetes is really an unfortunate side effect that I didnt see coming. I didnt educate myself like I should have I suppose. I'm a truck driver so eating healthy and excersizing is not the easiest thing for me to do,but to be honest,you dont get to be 250 lbs at 31 years old from living healthy and liking excersize. I love to eat! I am hoping the meds they put me on for diabetes(glucophage) will help and I have made a New Years resolution to start eating better and find time to get out and walk as often as I can. I know we will all be ok,it just takes some work I rekkon!

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by mrswhitaker, Apr 19, 2009
I was told I have PCOS at 18 and that i only had a 10% chance of getting pregnant.  I was pregnant at 17 and it ended in miscarriage at 9 weeks, the drs couldn't figure out why, everything had seemed great and then all of a sudden i began bleeding and cramping then everything came out on its own.  That was the part that confused the drs i had the most that everything cleaned out on its own.  I went to my family dr about 4 months later when i still hadn't gotten my period and she began to do exams,blood work, ect.after many moths of trying diff birth controls and meds she finally did 1 more round of blood work and bingo, PCOS.  I was really hurt and in shock when i found out, i had never wanted children until i was pregnant and lost mine. after that it was all i wanted. i began to be sent for ultrasounds, more blood work, and given a diff med everytime i went to the dr. it actually got to where i was terrified to go back b/c i knew what it would be.  i got married at 19 by the same man i had been with since i was 15 and we wanted to try again. i began fertility, weight loss programs, strict diets and workout routines and yet after a little more than 2 years i had no luck. i finally gave up completely in jan'09 and decided i just wasnt meant to be a mom.i was so aggrovated and depressed but i decided i had to let it go.  I found out march 13th '09 that i was pregnant!!!!!!! after all that trying and effort and i gave it all up, i am pregnant! i went to my dr that same day, they have done tons of blood work and ultrasounds and everything is GREAT!!! i am currently 10w6d pregnant and loving every min of it, my 1st trimester is almost up, and i pray to God everything continues to go excellent.  My whole point in telling my story is to let you and every other women with doubts on having children with PCOS know it is will be hard and take time and prayer if your anything like me, but it is worth it and can happen!!! i wish you and everyone else the best and tons of baby dust!!!

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by laurab24, Sep 08, 2009
I am 24 and i havent been diagnosed with PCOS but my doctor has told me that thats what they think it is ? i mean think ? can they not tell me if it is or isnt. i have had so many blood test, ultra scans since i was 16 because i had never had a period! even up to this day i only have a period because the pill forces me to! surely this cant be right, me and my partnet would love kids (not right at this time) but definatley in the next 2 years and i am so worries i will not be able to have them.  i dont have periods if i dont take my pill, i have mood swings, feel very addjitated most of the time, excess hair and so on, my doctors are useless, anybody got any tips to say to my doctor so they help me i really dont think they understand how much this gets me down )O:

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by LuckyL, Feb 17, 2010
I was told I was "Typically Polycystic" By a hospital specialist, and that I will always have them. I have struggled with my weight, I avoid wheat and gluten whenever I can. I missed 4 months of periods before diagnosis. Yet now they are regular. In November I was going through only what I can describe as a 2hr labour like pain, to the point I was on my knees crouched over rocking back and forth. . .  I thought "Why me, what have I done to get them"

I will be 36 on Monday, and last friday I went to the doc's to get the results of a scan I had in Dec 09. My results were that of amazement. My Doc told me that they have gone. I was so shocked I cried, and now I feel a sense of being normal after 6 yrs of darkness. And yes they have gone, how I don't know but they have.

So I hope there are many women that will get the result I have just got last week.

Good luck to all sufferers.


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by iloverbm26, Sep 09, 2010
I got my period when I was 13 years old. I have been irregular ever since and Im now 30 years old. I started birth control pills when I was 14 and thats how ive been most of my life living on meds. I have been diagnosed with PCOS for at least 7 years now. Its hard at times because I keep gaining weight and no matter how ive altered my eating habits and walked for one year straight im still 215 lbs!!!! I have to take pills to bring my period down pills to ovulate pills to control my borderline diabetes its just so overwhelming. To add to PCOS i have one blocked tube. Sometimes i feel life is so unfair bcuz those who want kids cant have and ppl who make kids every year dont take care of them. Ive been with my hubby since I was 17 and 13 yrs later we have yet to concieve not once. Ive done so much blood work and transvaginal ultrasounds and test i feel like a lab rat. Im interested in trying this liquid vitamin called Lydia Pinham and another one called La Senora Muller. I will continue to pray that God will bless us with our first child!

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by clairegebre, May 06, 2011
this info is so helpful ladies....i had my appointment at my gynaecologist today about infertility and she decided to do an internal scan and found i have PCOS .....i have been trolling the internet since i got home 4 hours ago .... and this by far is the most informative page i have found x

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by docmelow, Jun 21, 2011
I am 24, turning 25 this february. I just got home from an appointment with my O.B. She diagnosed me with PCOS. I don't know how to plan my life now. I just graduated and passed the Board exams, but I still want to take a post-graduate course. I have a great guy in my life, one who I know will be a great father and husband in the future. But since I got this news, we don't know if we should take a risk and wait after 2-4 yrs to have a baby, or if we should start planning for one now.
PCOS really explains my difficulty to lose weight, my terrible acne that doesn't want to go away, some facial hair on my upper lip, and feelings of depression. My doctor prescribed me with oral contraceptive pills for the acne and facial hair. She also prescribed me with Metformin, to decrease my chance of acquiring diabetes and to help control the weight. I plan to get a 2nd and 3rd opinion but I think the result would still be the same, since I saw my ultrasound and my left ovary really is polycycstic. My doctor also told me that eventually, my right ovary will also become polycystic. But for now, my right ovary is normal.

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