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Jan 05, 2011 - 1 comments







Pregnancy test

Well okay people keep saying you can test 2 weeks after having sex, then I'm hearing that you have to wait until you are 2 weeks past ovulation! Then I hear you have to wait a month after sex to get a good reading. I'm really starting to get confused and nervous. I tested 2 weeks after SEX and the signs are just getting worse. I got 8 signs out of 14 so I'm 57.5% that I'm pregnant. I'm going to take a pregnancy test the 6th, which is about 5 weeks after sex. Since I don't know when I ovulate I can't do that. I also had bleeding 15 days after sex which I told could have been implantation bleeding so there's a lot going threw my mind. I would love to be pregnant but I hope to god I'm not because I can not be pregnant right now! I'm so scared =(

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by AliLatrece, Jan 08, 2011
I'm sorry yu are so scared :( I wish I could give yu a concrete answer as to when's the best time to test, but I'm kinda muddled about that as well....but according to my doctor, it can take up to four weeks, possibly five, for pregnancy hormones to show up (I had the same questions yu have, && that was the answer I received..!) I'm guessing that's from ovulation, since five weeks after yur period it's kinda obvious......ovulation is two weeks after yur last period ended. So, just figure out the first date of yur last period, then count two weeks after that, && that's when yur next period should come. If it didn't, wait two more weeks, then take the test. Good luck, && if yur still confused, there are a lot of helpful people on this site, && there's always yur doctor :)  

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