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Jan 05, 2011 - 7 comments



1994 -  Age:  22                                                                Slurred Speech - 2 days onand off

1998 - Age:  26              Stiff Neck - 3 - 4 Weeks

2000 - Age:  28                                Heavy / Dead legs less than 24 hrs.
                               Slurred speech less than 24 hrs

2002 - Age: 30                                Hip Pain -  almost week                                                                     Miscarriage

2003 - Age:  31             Fatigue, Tremors (shakiness), Memory Loss,
( Pregnant and Dx with            heat intolerance, Muscle aches,
Graves Disease)            Weight loss, and Heart Palpitations1 - 2 years

2005- Age:  33            Fatigue, muscle weakness and
(RAI treatment, hypothyroid)            Muscle aches, memory loss,
Thyroid Eye Disease Dx’d in August           Forgetfulness, weight gain,
(Became pregnant with 2nd Child)                                Slurred Speech 1 ½ weeks

2006 - Age: 34           numbness in hands  - less than 24 hr
(radiation to both eyes for TED)           tremors (shakiness) fatigue - ongoing
          Short term memory loss - ongoing

2007 - Age: 35             Vision Changes, brightness and             color dull and blurring in right
(Orbital Decompression Surgery)             eye - ongoing
Dx:   Ischemic Optic Neuropathy            Double vision -  ongoing

2008 - Age: 36              left hand itching brought on by heat
Sent for MRI, EEG, Carotid                                 and stress -ongoing
Doppler and TEE
Dx: mitral valve prolapse            Feb : Vision changes became
Dx: TIA ,Nystagmus                                                         worse with more blurring- ongoing
           Right eye jitters back and forth -            Slurred Speech - 1 ½ weeks
                                                   Word searching - months ??
            Short term memory problems -
            2 - 3 weeks
            Fatigue, muscle aches, back pain,
            Depression, noise sensitivity - ongoing

2008 - (Spring/Summer) Age: 36 Dizziness/lightheadedness- 8 mos.
Tests included : X-Rays, Cervical MRI sinking ground when walking
Dx: Bulge Disc C5/C6 Pain, numbness, in left arm, and hip
impingement on nerve and tear in  tendon                             fatigue - 1 month
Dx: Scoliosis, arthritis                                         noise sensitivity-ongoing
(Eyelid Retraction Surgery in March)

2008- (Fall / Winter) Depression, Emotional instability,
(Eye muscle Surgery in Sept) irritability, lightheadedness, ,hand
Vitamin D deficient tremors (shakiness), noise sensitive, vision still
Double, nystagmus - all ongoing

2009 - Age : 37 Slurred Speech - 2 weeks
Dx:  Hyperreflexia Lightheadedness-2 weeks
Noise sensitivity
Pain in rt. Forearm and upper thigh
                   Scalp tingling on right side
Muscle leg weakness
Cold spot on left cheek and rt.
Electrical shock down back when
bending head forward
Burning pain in upper back
Left side neck pain & stiffness1wk                    Muscle twitching under left foot
Numb tingling spot above left knee
after shower for 20 mins.
Left hand itchy from heat and Nervousness - ongoing
Spasms/ cramps in right leg
Buzzing/vibrations in left arch of
Foot - ongoing
Twitching / fluttery muscles

2010 - Age -38 Spasms /cramps worse in upper                     back
Thumb twitching - 3 months
                    Left ear clicking
                    Right ear deep pain shooting
Face pain  on and off around 5 secs.
Disoriented in large spaces
Sensitive gag reflex
Twitching in shoulder for 2-3 wks.
Tremor in left hand (worse with movement)

2011-    AGE   39                                                                          Left hand tremor continues still worse with movement

VEP Test- Abnormal (consistent with demyelinating process)
EEG Test-Abnormal
BEAR Test- Normal
SSEP Test- Normal


Lyme disease



Rheumatoid Arthritis






Arnold Chiari

Diagnosed :

TIA -  and then taken away by present neuro. 2008

Simple Partial Seizures   2009

Disc Bulges C5 - C7        2009

Graves Disease               2003

Thyroid Eye Disease      2005

Optic Neuropathy            2007

Double Vision                 2007

Nystagmus                      2008

Hyperreflexia                  2008

Vitamin D deficient       2007

Anxiety disorder            2007- 2008

Arthritis                          2008

Dermatitis                     2008


2011- latest doc. stated central sensitization

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Avatar universal
by drsdonthelp, Jan 05, 2011
Wow, I tried 3 x's to get my columns straight and separated but it kept going back to this format.

Sorry it is so confusing,

326184 tn?1348809108
by cantsleep2007, Mar 19, 2011
Hello again hun.. this is not confusing to me at all!!  so very many of the same things have happened to me over the years... I am now on many  meds to counteract all that keeps happening.. I should log my time line as you have it would be nice to just hand it to my docs instead of constantly repeating over and over what has happened and when.. I have had numbness, weakness, tingling and pain for a year or more now use to be just the rite side but now is left also.. I don't know what my type of ms is... only that it is debilitating and has taken so very much from myself and my children.. I have always thought that the things that I was experiencing were from the graves disease and only now.. with the help of your time line have I realized it was probably the illness all along.. I just thought it would be many years before I got to this stage. Take care..  Terrie

1334998 tn?1300674856
by mommies4, Mar 20, 2011
HI drsdonthelp,

   You are so right ! we do have alot of like sx, mine have been going on for over 10 years now,but got really bad just over 3 years ago,my memory is and has been getting really bad ! I would have to first write it all down to get a more accurate time line. My Dx is BIH or Pseudotumor,it altimately is causeing me to go blind,slowly I have a LP shunt in place however the migraines have gotton worst since the surgery.Doc says its the disease proccess,mostly the shunt tends to work for most by keeping the fluid buildup and pressure off my brain,i beg to differ ! I still have alot of pain behind my right eye where the fake brain tumor is.In most cases BIH tends to effect heavy set women,not my case I'm all of 118 lbs,my case has been not s they say A- typical...Go figure... I have a 6 yer old and a 3 year old and lost 2 TWO inbetween them 2 1st one at 10 weeks in a few mths later got pregnant again and lost that one at 13 weeks then got pregnant again and carried full term,just some sharp stomach pains early on that scared meDoc said it ws ok i think it was Autoimmune but will never know,it went away after a mth or so... a healthy boy now 3 I also have one 18 and my only girl now 12 total 4 I'll be 38 this may.I would love to talk with you get to know about your sx see what we come up with ... Thank you xxx TTYS angie

Avatar universal
by drsdonthelp, May 16, 2011
I once again tried to fix this timeline to get the columns straight and also add some things.. my original does not look this confusing. Sorry...

352007 tn?1372857881
by LisaJF, May 16, 2011
I think you did a good job.  It's the only way we can keep track of our $hit!  It's easier for me to do it on here myself --

Hello to you Mrs. Central Sensitization!

Did you do that phone call today?

Avatar universal
by drsdonthelp, May 16, 2011
Thanks Lisa,, and LOL I am the new Mrs. Central Sensitization!!

And the phone call today,,, I fell asleep for two hours and when I woke up, my son was home,and you heard how lound the household gets,, I have more quiet time tomorrow when both the kids are in school.

Big Hugs, and thanks!!

352007 tn?1372857881
by LisaJF, May 16, 2011
Yes, you're Mrs Central Sensitization and I'm Miss Constipation of America.  What a pair we make.


Good, I will give you "H" "E" "Double hockey sticks" if you dont!


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