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Blood  transfusion related Hep C

Jan 05, 2011 - 0 comments

blood transfusion


hep c

As I said in my profile information, my 2 year old daughter received a  unit of blood contaminated with HCV.  I have mad it my mission in life to make the blood entities in the United States to clean up the blood supply.  I have some numbers that i will put up in a later post with the numbers.  But i need all the help i can get from you.  You live with HCV every day and the side effects of the disease and meds.  I hope that some of you out there will help me with my struggle.  I have written a letter to each member of my Congressional Delegation and haver as yet not heard a word from them. The next step is the media.  But I have found out that they dont want to do anything about the Red Cross.  They do so much to help people.
That is true,  but that does not give them the right to cut corners and send out contaminated blood.  If it were just a few units, i would not be doing this.  But it is THOUSANDS units each year.  They are playing with peoples lives. The percentage that goes out may not be that large ;but if you are the one that gets the contaminated unit,  percentages diont count.  
If you hav received a unit that was contaminated, and I dont care if it was 50 years ago,  I need your help.  Please leave me a note or email me. Thank you all the help you can give me.

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