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Dr follow up from surgery

Sep 02, 2008 - 1 comments

So we went to the peri Dr. yesterday to follow up after the cerclage, and all is doing great. There have been no more changes in the cervix since placement of the cerclage so its working. It doesn't correct things, but it stops the opening and shortening of the cervix.
Baby is growing great and moving all the time. Dr said I do not have to be on as strict of bed rest right now but to take it easy. I see him every 2 week for a CL measurement and if there are anymore changes or if there appeard to be additional shortening before removal of the cerclage at 36 weeks then I am back on bed rest. He said there is a high chance of being back in bed as the uterus continues to grow and addsmore pressure on the cervix, but for now I am enjoying the freedom.
Wow the things we take for granted like cooking for ourselves and getting our own drinks ect...
I plan to enjoy this pregnancy whether in bed or not!!
I have changed OB's and my next appt is tomorrow at the regular OB for my monthly check. They want me there right away especially since they dont know me and I have the placement of the cerclage...
Good luck to all expectingmothers out there. If I can do this again, anyone can!

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by tarrah87, Sep 09, 2008
i am pregnant again and have to have a cerclage between 13-18 wks due to loss of twins at 21 wks due to incompatent cervix, so are you doing ok with that? when does the doctor put u on bedrest? bc i was told by others i know that they had to be put on bed rest immediately after cerclage placement. just wondering good luck with this pregnancy and hope all turns out great for u.

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