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Sep 03, 2008 - 1 comments

Just a shorty:  Susan is giving me the cold shoulder and I'm not happy about it.  I don't know h ow to "make up."  She's been so easily upset adn flying off the handle lately.  I have to say I'm afraid to talk to her about teh situation because I can only imagine her attacking me again. She's so sensitive to criticism.  I'm re4luctant to confront people anyway, but since she was yelling at me and crying, I'm really reluctant.

More great news:  MIGHT loose counseling.  The governor has made giant cuts to mental health care here in Illinois and the community mental health agency I go to is laying off counselors and cutting some clients.  My counselor said I was on her list to "keep" -  to "fight" for but as of now It's still uncertain.  I for got to ask about when a dec. might be made.  I'm pretty tired of "stuff" tonight.

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by RJ233, Sep 04, 2008
Lizz, did she say what she was upset with you about? You could just say, Susan, I am so sorry I upset you, I really didn't mean to. If you don't know what she is upset about then tell her, Susan, whatever I did to upset you, I didn't mean to do it. Whatever it was, I'm so sorry. Tell me what I did so I will understand. Be authentic. She may have personal problems that is causing her to act like she does and unmeaningly taking it out on you. People do that when they have problems they are trying to deal with. Try to keep your voice as soft, gentle, and even toned. Be authenticly concerned and show it by your expression. I used to work in the public and I learned that was the easiest way to handle such a situation.

You know it seems they don't mind cutting health care. Write a letter to your local representative for your voting area, and one to the Govenor. Advise them how you and others feel about him cutting funding for the Mentally Handicapped  Health Care for the poor and don't have insurance coverage. Mental health is just as bad as any other illness that the state and federal programs helps cover. If he stops care for the Mentally Handicapped, he is opening pandora's box. The counseling is helping people that are sucidal and have problems that could cause them to be hospitalized and never recover. It is more costly for hospitalization. If bad things happen to those that can't help themselves, because of his actions, the public will blame him. That is not a responsible position to take toward the Mentally Handicapped. Get as many people to sign a petition and send it with your letter. You can also write a letter to the editor of your local papers so the news will go out. He will think about the  problems he can cause by doing that and it will become public. State affects on the patients that you can think of . You have to stand up to keep your programs going. This can cause a lot of problems for your Gov.. What happens is laws are passed and programs are cut and people don't know until it affects them. That happens all the time. RIGHT NOW HEALTH CARE IS A BIG THING IN THE ELECTIONS, HE WOULD NOT WANT TO GET CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE!! Get others stirred up. Use the term, "Mentally Handicapped". When you talk about handicapped in any way in the negative, heads will roll. He won't want that reputation.
Wish you the best and keep us informed.

Get someone to help you if you need, to write up a heading for the petition. I would use, "HEALTH CARE CUT FOR THE MENTALLY HANDICAPPED CARE  PROPOSED BY GOVERNOR JOHN DOE". Just about everyone has copying machines, so you should be able to find someone. You can get cheap copying paper at a place like Wal-Mart. Take them to any public place, Churches, and other places, such as the treatment center, for the patients to sign. Leave enough to collect as many signatures as you can and put bundles together and get others to get involved. The more public attention brought to this, the more likely he will find something else to cut instead. Try to go to busy places with a lot of people going in and out. Get as many signatures as you can.
Wish you the best. Let us know how things are going.

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