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Rainbow =)

Jan 08, 2011 - 1 comments










As i was getting myself to sleep last night i thought about my little man KC.. Then this morning i remembered i dreamed of rainbow with very colorful vibrant rays.. I thought maybe its my little man's way of telling me "dont worry Mommy I'm always here with you. And we will be together again someday."

Searched online for the meaning of my dream.. I always believe in dreams and that they do mean something.. so i found out that.. The rainbow symbolises good news, hope, redemption and the ending of gloom. Since the sun can be a symbol of the self, it is also associated with the magical quest for the treasure of self-knowledge. The rainbow is a bridge between heaven and earth, between your earthly self and your higher enlightened self.

Hoping for a baby soon! i really want to have a baby! =)

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by rccresswell, Jan 09, 2011

I am so with you about dreams.  I interpret them regularly and that is awesome to get that dream after your loss.  I think you are right about your little man telling you everything is ok and that you will be with him :)  He is perfectly safe and someone in your family will be looking after him.  My dad passed when I was younger and I believe that my dad borrowed my son because he was jealous of my mum because she had so many grandchildren surrounding her and he didn't.  That is what makes it easier for me and I do believe it is true.

In all honesty I believe everything happens for a reason.  When I lost my son I couldn't understand how that could be true but in time you will find what that reason is just as I did.  Long story that I won't go into.

I love the interpretation of your dream - it really shows you are starting to heal after your loss.  I am sure you will be pregnant before you know it and then the worries will start all over again but it is well worth it :)

Take care

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