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2nd Baby - 13weeks, 1day

Jan 09, 2011 - 0 comments

So I havent been writing for a while because my DD in previous posts is now 27 months! So I guess I'd do an new entry for myself to read when I have hopefully had this baby. I'm pregnant with my second. I'm going for the nuchal scan tommorow so...I'm very very nervous. My belly is very small not that noticable. I really hope to report back tommorow that there is even a baby in there. Anyway, I have been having constant on off bleeding/spotting brown and now its stopped. I still feel tired, sore breasts, little bit of sickness. Secretly I hope its another girl as I have a pink pram and will have to sell it to have a boy. I know its probably a boy though! :) I dont mind. Just to have any baby is great. Alana is pregant again due in Feb/March. Bye for now!

UPDATE! My ultrasound went great! Nothing to worry about! Said it could possibly be a girl :)

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