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My Topamax Journey and Mass Animal Deaths Jan 9 2011

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mass animal deaths

So not a whole lot to report. A new symptom that's been going on for a few weeks though and I can't remember if I've reported it yet or not and I'm too lazy to go back and read.

Brain zaps. Or electric wooshes. I don't know how to explain it.  Extremely annoying and takes a lot to try to ignore. Since I am very practiced at the ability of 'tuning out' (most parents are, especially ones with young boys), even I find this hard to ignore.

It's like I'm sitting there and if I turn my head a little or sometimes even if I don't, my senses don't quite follow along with my brain and I get an electrical uggg...ummm, buzz shockie whoosh sound of sorts. I used to get something *similar* when I took 80mg of Prozac, SSRI zaps but this is not quite the same. But similar, because it happens too when I'm still and also when my eyes are closed and I am trying to go to sleep, and I get them in rapid fire succession.

It's just too hard to try to explain unless you've had it.

Onto another subject quickly. If you've been wondering what's been going on with the mass animal deaths in the news, please type the following subjects into a google search, and read extensively. Many people are not aware of them and have never even heard of this stuff. They will all correlate one into another eventually:

1. Chemtrails

2. HAARP (the good and the bad on this one, if there is any good)

3. Magnetic poles of the earth shifting/flipping. We are 750,000 years overdue for this to happen.

4. Magnetic poles of the earth fading causing solar radiation to seep through earth's atmosphere.

That will start you off. Please pass these things along to your friends and family, thank you and God Bless. (this earth)

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