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Jan 10, 2011 - 4 comments

so im not moaning (much) just reporting, or at least trying too...this is my 8th pg and my fourth child...but i seem to have had every sympton that the preg books list (bar none!)
to recap:
nausea...for 17.5 wks and ive only ever experienced it with pg's gone bad...
sore boobies....since day 1 and they're 40E now and buldging out of my nursing bras!
aching legs, back and cramps (mainly at night and boy do they hurt)
stuffy nose...not to mention my unrelated chest infection which ruined my xmas and new year....
general puffiness from my swollen ankles to my puffy face...
the constant urge to pee....and the stress incontinence as every thing is so slack due to hormones and the weight of baby and everything...i can't feel a thing down there...but watch out if i cough or sneeze its like niagra falls!
and dare i mention the amount of discharge?
the nausea now gone the changing diet because one minute i could eat everything and the next im unsure what to eat as i don't want anything...
heartburn and indigestion....once ive made up my mind!
the absentmindedness (im surprised ive not left my children anywhere or burnt the house down!)
the rib pain....don't know if its baby or from coughing and pulling muscles or just general pain...
kidney/cyst pain...leading to a 3 day hospital stay
the threat of early labour and the damned strong braxton hicks in between these night/days of threatened preterm labour....
the tiredness which threatens to consume me and yet the sleeplessness which i experience on a day to day basis....
the breathlessness from my beachball stomach...
the itching all over!
the heamorriods bought on (encouraged) by antibiotics!
the thrush appearing from no where....again medication to blame...
and now the heavy achiness in my undercarriage, partly baby in the blast off position partly due to varicose veins in my vulva which have appeared for the first time ever to torment me...they bleed a little they protude like two great big marbles on either side and they hurt like hell...hubby and i tried to get intimate last night (first time in ages as i have a huge problem manouvering and getting comfortable) and it really hurt!
i have a turning circle of an artic lorry, and consequently just rolling over to get comfortable pulls muscles i never knew i had...
so as you can see there's not much left i could contract/develop/experience....or have i spoken too soon?

baby j
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1396784 tn?1324909316
by TraceL, Jan 10, 2011
I'm getting terrible aching legs and back especially at night too.
my boobs have reached epic proportions and my husband looks terrified of them, i've always been blessed in the boob department at a 32D but now they are like an 34 F and not nice i look like i might topple over!
sounds like you have had your fair share of pregnancy symptons

1301836 tn?1305621815
by natashajay, Jan 11, 2011
i know...must have done something bad in a previous life or something...
i know what you mean boob wise, with my youngest i had trouble feeding her when my milk came in because i was soooo huge already and then the milk swell made it so that her tiny face was engulfed by breast and i had to poke it down away from her nose so she wouldnt suffocate!
secretly tho i think my husband thinks they're great!

1240856 tn?1333440354
by loved29, Jan 11, 2011
wow ur having a time of it aren't you. she won't be long now =)

1301836 tn?1305621815
by natashajay, Jan 11, 2011
fingers crossed...well really she has to wait til i reach 37 weeks then i can have the waterbirth at the local midwife led unit, its so much nicer there and only 10-15mins from home, but if she comes early then i have to goto the big hospital..i guess its ok there but just not what i wanted...however having said that id be so much more comfortable if she were out....but then she'd need SCBU for a few weeks as she'd be small and possibly unable to latch on for a while due to being early....but then all this waiting...ahhhh im going mad!!!!!of course she'll arrive as and when....but when? LOL as you can see boredom has set in early...theres no hope for me! :)

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