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Had Another Relapse - So, what's the big deal anyway?

Jan 10, 2011 - 2 comments

I am in my 3rd relapse in almost 3 years.  I've had 2 relapses that were not so bad and I recovered very quickly, but it is these bad ones that got me thinking about relapses and how it has a different meaning for me now.

When first started trying to understand what a relapse really means, I read other people's accounts of their relapses and what they did to get over them and now I realize that I CAN NOT campare what I'm going through with what someone else is going through.  No two people with MS are the same or respond the same or even have the exact same path in a relapse.

So what's the big deal about having a relapse besides the fact that  is damage has occurred?  My neuro here in the hospital said "Julie, I exect you to fully recover from this and one week of rehab should be enough".  I was totally onboard with that.  I want to get back my strength, security, life routine and if I can do that in a week the great.

I've got my ducks in a row.  I have a plan in place and know what to expect now that I've been through this a few time. But there is a different feeling this time.  I know I will recover physically, but the emotional toll this has taken on me was not something I had experienced before.  

So, what is the big debal about having a relapse?  Everyone of us get them some more than others some worse than others.  It is a big deal to me and I don't want anyone to take it lightly asking why I am even in the hospital because they didn't have to go to the hospital or rehab.  We are not all alike in how we respond to these things especially after we get past the physical trauma of it and then have to deal with the emotional part of it.  If anyone has a way of dealing with that part of it, I sure could use the help more than ever.  

I still consider myself optimistic that I can manage this, its just at this very moment it is very, very challenging.  

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by Lulu54, Jan 10, 2011
Julie, that new normal is a pain to accept.  Perhaps that is the problem you are confronting right now - you keep having to shift your normal to a new point and it is tiring.

Give yourself a week or so and see how you are emotionally - you have lots going on in your life.  It is predictable that  a relapse would set ofof a whole chain reaction.  

lots of hugs and don't forget to be kind to yourself.  -L

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by Sarahsmom46, Jan 10, 2011
Thanks Lu. You seem to always come up with the right thing to say at ust the right time.  I neededto hear that.  I'm being goodto myself, promise.  

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