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feeling good

Jan 11, 2011 - 4 comments

I am not sure how this happened but I feel good.  my life has not changed all the problems are there but I am straight and doing things without the help of pills.  I cannot remember the last time I felt this way straight.  just a little reminder to myself that there are good days.

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by gizzy32, Jan 11, 2011
It happened because you quit the pills and dealing with life on life's terms now. I am happy your feeling good and seeing life in a different perspective now. We all have rough times, but they pass. You are doing great Wendy and YES, there are good days:) Stay strong

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by lifewithoutcoke, Jan 11, 2011
Congrats on getting to this place Wendy! Gizzys right, we all have rough times. Life is far from easy but it's so much better dealing with it clean.

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by jstntime, Jan 11, 2011
Warms my heart to read this.  I'm thrilled you found a good one Wendy, you are so deserving.


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by laurel453, Jan 12, 2011
i am happy too for you, wendy :) It seems weird that we can feel happy with all the problems but it is true, keep walking as you are doing, you deserve more happy days :)

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