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slowly but surely

Jan 12, 2011 - 0 comments








I was walking to the car today to go to work and I thought, it's not so bad after all.  I'm on day 10 without Norco and at first I felt extra good and extra happy.  Well that lasted about a day before I started looking at all my messes.  It's like f*[email protected] I don't even have the energy to fix all this.  But I do, it's just me being impatient as usual and wanting everything fixed right away, which I know isn't gonna happen.  So anyway financially I'm bad, but I'm trying to get as much overtime as possible and hopefully I can get caught back up and then one day I can get ahead.  We moved out into an extended stay hotel.  That even made me feel bad at first but then I had to look at it like, at least the kids don't have to see constant fighting and be uncomfortable.  I mean they're happy, my girls are so good, they don't ask for much and they're appreciative.  So I guess the plan for now is to stay in my little hotel room, which really is like a one bedroom apartment, save up money oh yeah and start going to meetings. Now i just posted about that, how quickly we forget.

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