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Birth Story Of Baby Joel

Jan 12, 2011 - 10 comments

So this is going to be really long but so much went on that week that I wanted to document everything...

Monday- went to the doctors for regurlar check up and found out I was 2 dialated and 80 effaced was having contraction so my doctor decided to sweep my membrans in hopes that I would go into labor naturally.. After having my membrans swept I felt contraction alittle stronger so I decided to go to my moms house cause I lived 30 mins away from hospital and husband was at work..

That evening the contraction got stronger and was 15 mins apart so we went to the hospital, I was sure I was going to have the baby that day but after a hour of being up there the contraction became irregular and was not changing my cervix so I was sent home..

Tuesday- I had a ultrasound appt, it went as well as it could but ran into some complications, first my uterus still showed aging, baby tummy was big and he was 8 pounds, amniotic fluid was a 6 which normal is a 10.. Overall baby was happy and was doing good growing, so the doctor told me to go home and they will speak with my doctor about a game plan on when to induce..

Wednesday- I got up feeling very emotional, the doctor called and told me about results and confirmed me doc appt for thursday. she mention that they would induce me at 40 weeks so I was excited about that.. after talking to her I felt wet, I went to bathroom to wash down and wondered if it was amniotic.. But after a few hours I got no more leaking but was having some contraction so I went to bed around 12am

Thursday- I woke up at 230 am with a gush a liquid coming out, I jumped up thinking I had peed myself, after washing up I walked around the house and realised i was still leaking and everytime I had a contraction I leaked more so I woke my husband up and told him I think my water broke, He rushed up and looked to be dazed.. We got to the hospital around 330 and they confirmed that I was indeed leaking amniotic fluid..

At 5:00 they put me in my room and we called the family to tell them the news, at 6:00 they gave me pitocin..

At 12 the contractions started getting really strong so I asked for some medication through IV called nubane, It did nothing to the pain but made me feel High and emotional..

At 4 the contractions became unbearable so I reluctently ask for epidural I was only dialed 4 at the time, at 430 the anesthesiologist  came in to put in the epi, let me just say that It was so frustrating trying to keep still through contractions and made the experience hard..

After the epidural was in it did nothing for me not even take a piece of the pain away, I wasnt even numb... It was horrible I went through the entire pregnancy in extreme pain and nothing worked..

at 530 I was fully dialated and let me say that the urge to push was strong and, the doctor showed up at 600 and I started pushing, I felt everything and the classic ring of FIRE lol... I pushed 5 times and he was born at 6:13 pm..

He was so adorable I actually cried, was like I was having a out of body experience.... I did rip and had a second degree tear but all was well..

So thats my birth story I hope I said it all lol, If I ever get pregnant again I wish the epi would work cause It was horrible basically going natural lol, but I would say I feel like I conqured a milestone and to know that I was able to do it and have him here make him even more a blessing and I love hime so much.. thank you all for reading my LONG JOURNAL

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1270719 tn?1300220592
by lin_z_ttc1, Jan 12, 2011
Wow, what a story! Congrats on you little man! I'm sorry the epidural didn't work on you, I'm nervous about it not working on me either, due to an old back injury. I have an appt today, and I'm PRAYING that my midwife is ok with inducing me tomorrow. I'm soooo tired of being pregnant lol.

Glad to hear both you and baby are healthy, hope to post my birth story soon! :0)

1427484 tn?1334789201
by CarlaLP, Jan 12, 2011
Awww congrats! He is beautiful. Sorry it was such a tough situation- but with a perfect result!

334926 tn?1436811523
by butterflybabies, Jan 12, 2011
Congrats! He is so cute! ***** that you had a lot of pain.

902536 tn?1326914250
by hickchick, Jan 12, 2011
congrats hun, so happy for you and your husband. he is so cute! sorry about the pain that you had to go through

1330108 tn?1333677304
by SunWorshiper_26, Jan 12, 2011
Congrats!!  I just started leaking and I'm being induced as we speak :)

176135 tn?1314752638
by chinesebones, Jan 12, 2011
Congratulations!  I'm sorry the epidural didn't work for you... yes the ring of fire I know just what you mean!  (FYI it wasn't nearly as bad the second time around.)  You little boy is adorable!

1419501 tn?1320206310
by kellibubba, Jan 12, 2011
Aww what a beautiful story. I had a drug free labour and found i was more aware and able to make my own choices other than me feeling spaced out and not knowing where i was.
This time i think i will try it again but my baby was on 6 pounds, not like your boy. lol

1340863 tn?1366641084
by sisi2399, Jan 13, 2011
Congratulations!!!! Good job going natural, lots of us cant even think of it.  Sounds very difficult but hey good things are the ones we have to hardly fight for.  God bless you and your fam.

1212800 tn?1329092989
by l0st_child, Jan 13, 2011
Thanks everyone... It was a hard labor but I made it through, I do have to say that I had the best couch MY HUSBAND, if he wasnt talking to me and breathing with me I would of lost it lol....But he is such a good boy, 8 pounds 3 ounces and 19 inch long... Thank everyone for reading my story

1041303 tn?1421387341
by frank_noahsmommy, Jan 13, 2011
Awe I am glad he is here and perfect. When I had my 1st son the gave me the epidural 2 times and it did not work, with my 2nd they did a spinal. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is beautiful!

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