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My Appointment is TOMORROW!

Jan 12, 2011 - 8 comments

I don't write on here much but after going to the doctor last week and having 13 ulcers in my mouth my doctor told me I need to get my stress out and find a way to express share what I'm stressed about.  Other than DH I can't do that with anyone else...they don't understand.  So, I figured you ladies do!  

I'm scared, nervous, excited, stressed and anxious about my appointment tomorrow.  I go to see the Reproductive Endocrinologist at 11 AM tomorrow.  I don't know what to do or say.  I've filled out all the paperwork.  I feel like I'm over analyzing this.  I'm just scared to death he's gonna say there is nothing they can do.  We pray each night that we will be blessed with a health baby in the near future and I'm so scared it is not going to happen.  

It's been a long journey and I just pray that tomorrow brings closure...but a happy closure.  To find out what's wrong and how we exactly can treat it.  I have MTHFR and my doctors here have NO CLUE how to treat it.  The standard B6, B12, Folate, Baby Aspirin doesn't work.  Also, when I get pregnant my body doesn't make enough finally by the time I'm seen by the doctor they put me on progesterone it's too late.

Okay I seem to be rambling so I'm gonna go back to work and I'll update tomorrow about how it went.  It will probably be after 4 since we have an hour and half drive home and I have to go close at work.  Thanks for listening to me!

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688845 tn?1325182236
by AmyG89, Jan 12, 2011
Thanks for the update. I was wondering how you were doing. I hope your appointment tomorrow goes great and you get some answers. I can only imagine how frustrating this must be for you. I will look for your post tomorrow after 4. This is a great place to express how you are feeling and to let it all out. We will listen = )

1510239 tn?1364927956
by Leyisel21, Jan 12, 2011
Awe darling good luck!!! Wish u the best!

1085628 tn?1326551885
by GinaGi, Jan 12, 2011
i totally understand what you are going through .. I have the same thing as you do .. now i am 15 weeks pregnant having a healthy baby boy ... there is a forum on here for MTHFR please join ...
also i am on all the same regimen of pills you are on expect you are missing one key thing that you should start after the doctor confirms you ovulated which is the shot lovenox .. it's a bood thinner you do the shot once  a day up until 6 weeks after you deliver ,. if you have any question please feel free to ask.. I swear this shot lovenox is a miracle drug .. good luck and  i pray all goes well ..
please feel free to vent to us anytime ...

1418198 tn?1483277496
by Rellyrell, Jan 13, 2011
Wish you luck with your appointment, I'm so hoping you leave with some answer that will put your mind at ease.


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by shasy03, Jan 13, 2011
Well my appointment didn't go as planned.  They want to run a karyotype and do a SHG (sonohysterography).  

Thanks for the well wishes!  

AmyG thanks for listening sometimes that's all we need.

GinaGi- I joined the MTHFR group a while ago.  The doctors won't give me the lovenox b/c I don't have factor V.  Apparently in VA that's something they don't do...who knows.  It's very stressful knowing that this could help but they won't do it.  

Relly-Thanks for being there!  I can count on ya!

1418198 tn?1483277496
by Rellyrell, Jan 13, 2011
Well I had the same thing happen at my appointment they drew blood and sent me home to wait for the results and after getting the results they told me to call in three weeks if AF hasn't started I was like WTF........... Missing AF has never happened to me unless I was preggo so I dont know whats going on.

As for the SHG, I might sound dumb but Im clueless to what that is but Im willing to learn. Im going to google it and see they say you learn something new everyday!!!!! Im glad to know that you feel you can count on me I will continue to pray for you and they they give you some understandable answers soon........

1085628 tn?1326551885
by GinaGi, Jan 13, 2011
girl you got to fight for you rights .. find a doctor that will give it to you go see a hemotologist ...
good luck
i had the hsg test also good luck make sure to take motrin before you go ..  

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by shasy03, Jan 14, 2011
Rell- They stick the vaginal ultrasound prob to your uterus and then stick a tiny tube in you, then they put saline into your uterus to look for polyps or fibroids.  

I hate it when doctors don't give you answers.  

Gina- I'm going to go ahead with the SHG and the karyotype...I just know they are really expensive.  And if we get to that point and nothing shows back I'm going to go to a hemotologist.

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