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The reason for my illness?

Sep 04, 2008 - 3 comments







biliary dyskinesia




back problems



My weight. My dog. My years of violin playing with bad posture. My stress levels. These may now all be culminating into my current illness.

What's happened: my digestion is at 50%. My gallbladder's EF is at 19%, no stones. I'm allergic to my dog, which means constant mucus coming down to my stomach, kicking up the acid. My weight has added pressure to my LES. My back has a huge spasm and numb spot which may have permanent damage due to bad posture, stress, and lack of exercise. All of this results in me feeling REALLY crappy right now, with an increased risk of cancer and a lack of a bility to enjoy some good eating.

After months of research, I may have stumbled upon an answer: I have a section of my back which has been spasmed for years. This caused a big misallignment in the celiac plexus area of my back which caused damage to my gallbladder. The gallbladder, in turn, reflexed to the back in the same area and damaged the nerves there. Suddenly, I had a turnstyle of numbness  and pain in my back (visceral-somatic/somatic-visceral reflex). This damage increased over the years to the point where the gallbladder's EF is now 19%. In addition, the nerve damage was so extensive that it started slowing my digestion. This took an even bigger hit when my allergies started going haywire after I got my dog and I got sick for a few months. My continually lowered defenses allowed a viral infection to attack my nervous system, particularly the part which controls digestive speed. In addition to all the mucus from my allergies, my heartburn went haywire, since due to my weight (I used to weigh 320 lbs) my LES losened and I got GERD. (I'm now at 245, by the way. Still have about 50 lbs to go.) I'm working now with a gastroenteroloigist, a chiropactor and an acupuncturist to help heal all of this damage. It took a long time to create (over 15 years) and may never fully recover. I may lose my gallbladder as a prerequisite to improvement, since once the visceral-somatic/somatic-visceral reflex gets going it's hard to stop, but the root cause was my back which, had it been left unattended, would eventually wreak all forms of havoc on my system.

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by DomesticEngineer, Sep 06, 2008
Oh Dear gnorb! Wow that is alot to figure out! So many issues. I am so sorry that you are allergic to your best pal! :(
But I am sure it is worth it- huh? You have done very well as to find out what is the root of your issues. Very impressive!

You play the violin? That is beautiful. There is a young lady in our church that comes and contributes her talents to our praise and worship on certain sunday mornings. And you know what? It is like putting the cherry on top of the ice-cream! It is so wonderful to my ears. So pleasant and beautiful sounding. You can get completely lost in it ,,,( i can) and it offers so many emotions to feel as well. ( for me), I have felt the music thru this instrument profoundly. It is my secret! lol.. no one knows this. And when I look at her and watch her play it is so great. I appreciate her talent. I think mostly because this violin is so uplifting for me.... OK that was that! Sorry I get long winded! :)

I will keep you lifted up. And hope your days go by better than the next. My medicine that the doctor gave me feels really great. I have patients with my kids, and the anxiety has gone very quickly! Like the first few hours of taking it!

Make sure you smile alot and support all you can on here. You have great info. and your voice is valid. I am sure your playing violin is as well....
best wishes!

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by VINNEE61, Jan 02, 2009
hi domestic engineer.

Could you tellme what medicine your doctor prescribed?


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by VINNEE61, Jan 02, 2009
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