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1st day of class

Sep 04, 2008 - 0 comments



Eating disorders

Today was loonngg. I am in class with others who are experiencing the same as I am. I really didnt get to talk to much about my issues today, which I am dying to do so I can get to the root of my evil. I was seen by the doctor, the nutritionist and counclers. You cant flush the toilet after you use it, no bathroom for 30 min after meals either. On my way home I had this urge to get some beers and drink away my tiredness and worries, I didnt :). I am sitting here waiting for my hubster to get home so we can go to dinner. I will have to choose wisely, no binging or purging allowed. I am starving and it seems like that is all we did today is eat. Breakfast-wheat bagel w/peanut butter, a banana, 1c milk. Snack- 1 slice wheat toast w/butter lunch- spinach, turkey with salad dressing in a pita, a pear, 6 almonds snack- 100 cal pack of crakers and 1 cheese stick. By the time 6 weeks are over I will be hugggggggggggeeeeeeeeeee.

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