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33 weeks

Jan 17, 2011 - 3 comments

so my youngest was ill last week and i never got to have an hour to myself until saturday when i popped out for an hour to the craft shop...i bumped into several people and they immediatly went for my bump which i don't really mind but its the `wow you're huge` which accompanies it...ive put on 17.4lb which isn't even the 20-40lbs generally that an average pregnancy can! im all bump and yet  yes i know i have some water retention and a slightly more upholstered look but baby is def not ten pounder as several comment on...i guess this is a nice round number or something, but seriously, ive been up all night as baby not only was so loow my bladder needed emptying on the hour but she was somersulting which is very painful and yet she still has room to do this so therefore can't be that big! so the comments are totally p*******G me off...why can't they notice my huge boobs? i mean they are collossal and would rival Jordan! im quite proud of these babies and im going to remain that way as later once BF is over they'll sag once more...or i could be greeted with wow you look great! that would be nice....
to finish it off im coming out of school after dropping my youngest off and was greeted with `ahhh the waddle, i remember that stage well` well thanks a bloody bunch...yes i waddle now too...what next?

baby j
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by TraceL, Jan 17, 2011
Just think 7 weeks and you will have that beautiful baby in your arms.
totally know how you feel about peoples comments annoying you, i'm nearly 5ft 5 which is about average i guess, i wouldn't consider it short but one of my so called friends who must think she is a 5ft 8 supermodel or something seems to enjoy telling me everytime she sees me that because i'm "so short" i can't carry being pregnant as well as tall people !!! what the heck.
I'm usually a size 10 which i think is fairly slim, i've danced all my life and run a lot and love keeping fit so maintain my figure and i'm only a size 12 now on my bottom half, maybe a 14 on top because of my enormous boobs but she's always making comments like i'm a hippo or something, its really starting to annoy me now, she just seems to put me down all the time. other friends have said i look glowing and not big at all my mum and husband tell ,me i look beautiful, i know they are biased but still its nice to hear, i know after my miscarriage due to the upset, stress and the fact i had major abdo surgery i lost a lot of weight and looked ill and gaunt so i'm enjoying my pregnant size, i love my baby bump.
From your pictures you look glowing too so ignore these people who make comments about you, whats important is that you are growing a healthy baby, you haven't put on much weight from the sounds of it anyway so its all bump, some people are just damn right rude !! x

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by natashajay, Jan 17, 2011
ahh thank you for the lovely're right of course and your `friend` sounds like most peep i know! its damned annoying but as for the 7 weeks...officially yes but im counting on reaching 37 if i can and dropping then LOL its hard now and the lack of sleep or a comfortable position to rest in is driving me to breaking point...i know the piks of me don't do me justice...and i was 2 stone overweight to begin with due to lack of excercise after a back injury but i think im doing ok...its just the comments...ive never said the same to others just hi how are you instead of wow are you still here? or your surely cooked by now...i don't know who they think they are!

1396784 tn?1324909316
by TraceL, Jan 17, 2011
so not long left now for you till you reach 37 weeks, exciting.
i can only imagine how i will feel as i get bigger, i've worked all weekend at the hospital as i'm a nurse and i feel shattered, being on my feet for 8 hours is taking its toll on my back, like you i've had problems with my back before i got pregnant, i was in a car crash 3 years ago and have suffered since with my back and neck so the pain is too much sometimes.
I'm really amazed that people think its acceptable to tell a pregnant woman that they look huge, ready to pop etc as i've heard recently, i think if people haven't got something nice to say then don't say anything at all. some people must think they are very special to put others down.

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