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worried over...whats happening?

Jan 18, 2011 - 5 comments

so, late yesturday evening i noticed that the pain in the back of my calves was getting worse...and they were rock hard! i watched one born every minute on ch 4 then at 10pm went up for a bath, i took my socks off which arent tight or anything and you could see that the lower half of my legs were swollen. i managed to paint my toe nails..tho not neatly, but iyt has been bugging me for ages...then i got in the bath. Now i dont know if you've had this but do you or have you ever had the pain in the abdo when your sooooooooooo desperate to pee, perhaps you've been miles from a toilet, or stuck in know that pain that says empty me real soon or else?
well i had been getting this on and off but i didn't need to pee, or i had peed already so i just thought oh its the pressure of baby again...but when i got out of the bath and was drying the old nether region i had quite a lot of discharge, not offensive just the usual and it was streaked with blood..not a lot, but enough to i was uncomfortable all night again but didnt need to pee every hour on the hour as the night before, and it wasn't till i wiped myself this morning that i had more streaky ive had my show weeks ago, confirmed etc...but this is different, im still aching down there but baby is next midwife appointment is next wednesday but as hubby is working away im trying not to panic or see them tooo soon incase they want me to goto the main hosp, and i can't afford to be in hospital as i have no one to take care of the kids...

baby j
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1215490 tn?1319837441
by S2609, Jan 18, 2011
Hey girl, not sure what that could be :(. Sorry, I'm not much help, but it does sound like the plug coming out from everything I've read. Best to check with the midwife just in case... I'm so addicted to that show!! I cry every time. DF has started watching it with me now hehe, so cute... he gets all worried when the girls start screaming... but then goes, awwww, when the babies arrive safe :). Anyway, definitely check with your mw I think... it's worth asking, if nothing else, for you to feel better about it. xx

1041303 tn?1421387341
by frank_noahsmommy, Jan 18, 2011
I am so sorry you are going through this, the onky thing I can think of is a UTI. I am going through one right now and had the pressure, the urge to pee and it was trickling out and burned. I also wiped once and found a little blood, but I just came bcak from the Dr and thats what they said I have. I hope you get help and get this taken care of. ((HUGS)))

1301836 tn?1305621815
by natashajay, Jan 19, 2011
to s2609   can't be my plug ive had it confirmed that that came away about a month happened in my last pg just the same...
frank_noahsmommy: the urge to pee is just the feeling...i dont need to pee, sometimes ive just been.....thats the strange bit it just feels like it...the only way i can describe it is that i can feel baby right down can only have an inch or so before it pops right out and the feeling is low with it...ive no burning or trickling just a niggly pain...i had a bath last night and the water supporting my bump was lovely but as i was hoisted out OMGosh it hurt and then the BH began in ernest....not much sleep going to try to get hold of the midwife but im worried as if they want me in hubby is away til friday and i have noone to have kids xx
thanks for the advice girls xx

1215490 tn?1319837441
by S2609, Jan 19, 2011
Can your midwife come to you? Could you take the kids with you? That must be so difficult! Maybe a friend or neighbour could help out... I hope it is nothing serious and you get some relief soon. Hugs!!

1301836 tn?1305621815
by natashajay, Jan 20, 2011
ahh kids allowed..there are too many bugs about apperently and their swamped and understaffed for visits so i have to wait until my scheduled appointment next wednesday, but they dont think its anything too serious, just baby putting pressure on my pelvis and anything in the nearest vacinity, obviously if things get rougher im to go straight to the main hosp...( with 3 kids in tow as hubby not home until friday evening) not good...thanks for the support girls xx

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