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Had a few dreams...

Jan 19, 2011 - 2 comments






I remember dreaming about rats and how I felt paralysed with fear. They were climbing all over me until I felt them come up to my face which I was covering with my hands.

I remember at that point that I shrieked in my sleep and it stirred me from the nightmare before I quietly resumed sleep. I also faintly remember my baby sweetly caressing my forehead when I made such a noise.

I'm gonna miss you so much when I leave. Hopefully I don't have any horrible nightmares when I'm away. Only sweet dreams.

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1486688 tn?1333853707
by rockinrobin32, Jan 26, 2011
Sounds like you have something in your life that overwhelms you.  
Interesting dream.

1562414 tn?1317562769
by lovelifelore, Aug 03, 2011
Yeah. I did.

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