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fed up

Jan 20, 2011 - 0 comments

so ive had 6 hours sleep, and when i woke up not only was i desperate for the loo but felt sort of out of it because id actually slept for the first night in 3 days!
last night i had a bath and hubby had to go out for half an hour, goodness knows why but i was a bit cross as id just gotten into the bath! anyhow.... so i heaved myself out at 11pm because i couldnt keep my eyes open and as i stood up the water obviously not supporting my bump anymore set off some doozy of BH contractions and i was so thankful to lie down once id dried off.
hubby came in not long after before getting ready to go again...he's in leeds until friday evening now...
ive had backache all morning, but managed to get the kids off to school and call into the farm for a sack of layers pellets for my hens, tho its now stuck in the boot of the car where they put it for me, until someone can drag it going to try to do a little washing today and then im gonna sit with my legs raised for an hour as my calves are swollen again...this pregnancy is soooooo different to any  i have had previously, im really feeling the challenge of it and im actually too tired to want to seems in the beginning the worry of getting pregnant was then surpassed by the need to keep the pregnancy, which was assed by the nausea and then just when i get to the home stretch i feel everything is against me, first the illness at xmas which has left me with this annoying cough, then the swelling, the hemaroids, which incidently have improved greatly and the varicose veins below, also have improved despite baby being right there!
so for me these last few weeks how ever many i have left, im not really enjoying.
oh and a third friend has delivered early...her baby is also a girl called Elspeth Lily...hmmm

baby j
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