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living with Bipolar!

Sep 05, 2008 - 1 comments

Today I have woken up and first thought was "what's the point" The alarm is not set for anything and I have no plans, I think I will stay in bed.
Hang on a second let's think about this for a bit and then decide.. It's Saturday and yes I have no plans! Lets find something to do even if it is not that exciting...
Go online and read if anyone has responded to my post on MedHelp. Then what? Make the kids breakfast and put washing on ( gee exciting hey?) so far I am living and doing so far so good. Now what? Go and buy Dog food and put petrol in the car and buy a roast lamb for tomorrow nights dinner (father's day). After that will take the dog for a walk and then What?
Well I think I will take one step at a time.
Disaster -- My son has just walked in and mentioned that he cannot find our Dog who was playing with him and the other kids on the street... Looks like I will now need to go out there and call him so I can take him for a walk, as you see my plans do not always go the way I like and I need to except it and control the anxiety that will come with it.
Stay tuned !!!
Bp13 xxx

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by bp13, Sep 05, 2008
Dog is found!!! yeah, disaster over....
He was over at the neighbours house visiting their dog! all is good.
Well now I will go and get petrol and dog food and then take dog for a walk in a park that allows him to be off leash for a good run around... Kids are asking if they can come and if the other kids can also...
Friend called to see how I am going and because it is such a lovely day outside is coming over for and we will watch the footy as it is the finals...
still will walk the dog and etc before they come over..
bp13 xxx

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