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Symptoms fading, Anxiety falling, Hope rising

Jan 23, 2011 - 3 comments










The last week I have been scared ********. My symptoms were as follows.

1.Scattered red rash arms and legs.
2. Fatigue.
3. White coating on the back of my tongue. Bad breath.
4. Persistent fever.
5. Night sweats.
6. Muscle Aches.
7. Head aches.
8. Almost total loss of appetite.
9. Nausea.
10. Skin on fingers peeling

All of these symptoms came upon me within a day or two and lasted from Monday till Sunday(now) and due to these symptoms I had severe panic attacks and anxiety which only exacerbated my symptoms. Some of these symptoms may have been caused by the anxiety but in the case of the white stuff on my tongue, the rash, skin peeling those are real and I have never had anything like that before I'm usually a very fit and healthy person I go to the gym three times a week and eat very well. Today (Sunday) the symptoms have fading considerably and I'm feeling a whole lot better although I'm still very concerned that I might have HIV.

Hopefully (fingers crossed) I have picked up some other virus that invokes all the same ars like symptoms that HIV has. Also hopefully it is just a coincidence that I got sick with this unknown virus in the same time frame as I could expect to be having ars after my exposure (receiving oral from hooker). It all sounds a little bit far fetched to me that It's not HIV but after reading post after post on this forum about people with similar situations there is a glimmer of hope.

If I end up testing negative I'll eat a plate of my own **** and ask for more.      

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by Shaneo2, Jan 23, 2011
Also If I am negative I hope that whatever virus I do have my body can fend it off and I can be fighting fit once again. I was going really well and in the prime of my life setting the world on fire right up until last week I sure hope I can be right as rain again.

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by Teak, Jan 23, 2011
You never had a risk of contracting HIV. MOVE ON.

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by sourabh0542, Feb 02, 2011
Move on dude all the symptoms were due to some yoga and meditation

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