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bad weekend

Jan 24, 2011 - 0 comments

so i was pretty tired saturday, then sunday came and i got really stressed and upset, hubby was painting the hall and kids were generally fighting amongst themselves and just playing hubby and i off one another, by 10am i was in such a state and crying that i was physically sick for about 15 mins! i think my blood pressure was sky high so hubby made me sit and rest for the day...i really frightened myself. Also this cough is back and the coughing fits have started the stress incontinence back so im back to wearing pads like bricks incase i wet myself....not good. The pressure down there has increased and im leaking mucus like you wouldnt believe...and theres no muscle left i think as its sooo hard to feel anything even when im trying to do my kiegals!!!
baby is still moving heaps which is good but very hoping now im 34 weeks that i have just 3 more weeks to go xx

baby j
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