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getting there

Jan 25, 2011 - 2 comments

so if all goes well i should deliver around 37 weeks thats 3 weeks out of the 6 left. im generally good when it comes to labour...2 hours was my last one, 5 the one before that...its just a waiting game now.
the pressure is sooo great below...i can't feel the kiegals or anything! all i feel is a heavy sort of feeling there, its very wierd...a friend thinks ive dropped even more and i hope that tomorrow at my antenatal they can shed some light on it...Dave's away again thursday and im increasingly worried as he's got a few aways to do and last night i mentioned whilst we were watching that programme, one born every minute that we still had to get the moses crib inner liner found and the pram from the loft and i said..well im classing it as 3 more weeks as thats kinnda normal for me and he said no thats too soon! he wants a few more weeks and i said...well baby will come when its ready but im planning on usuing the trampoline if i head over 37 weeks and he went quiet and away just hold it in!!!!
typical man....still im sort of looking at this all wierd like...i saw a woman on this programme holding her newly delivered baby and i tried to imagine my baby curled up inside and i couldnt....its hard to believe that all this movement, the hiccups and the prods is a baby...i see a friends baby piks, her baby came early and i think if it were not born it would look like thatinside of her...and i can't get my head around it!
i know obviously that there's a baby in there...its just really hard to imagine and this is my fourth!!!!
im going mad...or ive lost it...i dunno....anyhow fingers crossed that baby shows up soon...i hate not feeling anything down there but something hard...what if i sneeze?............will baby just pop out?

baby j
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by loved29, Jan 25, 2011
aaaaaachoooooooooooo! ooo hello baby girl

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by leanne95, Jan 25, 2011
lol, i know what you mean, i thought that with it being my 5th ha ha x x x

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