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methadone in pregnancy

Sep 06, 2008 - 2 comments

this is an extremely helpful website explaining all aspects of methadone in pregnancy and breastfeeding. i am providing this for women who find themselves in a methadone program.
this does not mean i am encouraging anyone to pursue this program unless all other means of have been exhausted with regards to opiate addiction.

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by ejb4255, Sep 08, 2008
I've been on methadone successfuly for 2 years. I concived on methadone and dilivered the same. I was on 110 mgs. My baby Max was discharged 10 hrs before me!! He did great! ALL BABIES WILL WITHDRAWL!! It's how hard that really depends on if they'll need to be treated. I know it's pretty much impossible to put this unborn baby before you. It doesn't seem real until it happens! But once it does you feel so bad, and you're SO afraid that he/she will go through HELL (withdrawl) because of the DUMB *** chocies you made! My advice... STOP BEING A SELFISH *****!!! Once you see your baby you get it!!! NOT UNTIL THAT MOMENT!! SO PLEASE TAKE MY ADVICE or you WILL REGRET IT!!! STOP YOUR BULL **** WAYS!! You HAVE a purpose now!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE listen to me!! The little life inside you does NOT deserve to be on heroin (ect.) they deserve THE WORLD, and nothing less!!!

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by SouthernVeggie, Mar 31, 2015!po=69.0000

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