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Addicted according to him.

Jan 26, 2011 - 0 comments







accused of addiction



I have been struggling with migrains and firbro for awhile now and my husband always seemed understanding.  Last night he tells me I'm an addict.  Wonderful feeling let me tell you.  The only pain med I take on a regulary basis in Fiorocet.  It helps the headaches and loosens my neck up.  At most I may take 6 on a bad day but usually I take 2-3.  I had been using melotonin to help me sleep(mind you not everynight) due to the pain keeping me up.  A few months ago my dr asked how my sleeping was going.  I told her the truth, I wasn't sleeping well at all again. She put me on 5mg ambein and it has seemed to help.  She gave me 30 with one refill three months ago.  I still have 24 left.  If I get a migrain she will call me in 10 hydrocodon to try to keep me from going to the er.  I usually only get these filled every 2 months.  I can't tell you how many I suffer through just to try and be tough.  She also put me on 5mg xanax a long time ago.  I usually only have these filled every other month.  I have 80 some odd pills sitting the cabinet and haven't used any in days.  I take them when the pain gets so bad I feel like loosing mind or screaming at my family. I am also on 1200mg of nuerontin a day, 60mg cymbalta, and .1mg clonodine x2 a day.  I am being totally honest with him and anyone reading this.  How can they man I so truely adore and love feel this way.  If it is just concern, he sure had a crappy way of showing it  i always am so excited for him to get off work and come home to us.  I always make his lunch in the morning, always have his laundry done, and he almost always comes home to a very tidy house(eventhough, I have to beg him to vaccum for me on occasion when the fibro flares up bad).  After last night, today I have done absolutly done nothing around the house.  I am feeling very depressed and hurt.  he could work all night tonight and that would be fine with me.

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