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Another religious fanatic

Jan 26, 2011 - 17 comments

A South Carolina woman has been charged with animal cruelty after she hung and burned her nephew's dog because it chewed on her bible.

Miriam Fowler Smith, 65, told police that God urged her to kill one-year-old pit bull Diamond because it was a "devil dog" that was bound to hurt children in the neighbourhood.

Smith's nephew had left the dog at the home he shared with his aunt on January 9 while he went away.

When he returned on January 15, he could find no trace of the dog. When he confronted his aunt, she admitted to killing the animal.

Smith later confessed to police that she wrapped an extension cord around Diamond's neck, hung the animal from a tree and then set her on fire using kerosene.

Police found the dog under a pile of grass with part of the cord still wrapped around the dog's neck, authorities said.

Smith could face up to five years in jail if she is convicted of animal cruelty.

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1032715 tn?1315984234
by narla, Jan 26, 2011
OK,Now I am worried,I just showed this to my son,he is a devout Christian also a youth leader at his church,he said if he owned a dog that chewed a bible he would not be able to keep the dog,he would not hurt the dog but he would take it to the RSPCA,
I told him that it's an innocent dog that doesn't know it's a bible,he just said "innocent,no one is innocent"He could not keep a dog that desecrated God's word.

This has absolutely shocked me,

I'd love to hear anyones input.

377493 tn?1356502149
by adgal, Jan 26, 2011
I find this absolutely terrifying.  No one is innocent?  That scares me too (sorry, I know he is your son, I don't mean disrespect).  Teething children will chew on absolutely anything...books included.  My son has also torn a few fault, I am the one that left them in reach.  Certainly not his...he is an innocent and doesn't know any better.  Would a child share the same fate?  When people take their beliefs to this extreme...well, that is just plain scary to me.

1032715 tn?1315984234
by narla, Jan 26, 2011
Adgal,I just showed your reply to my son,we have 2 grandsons,a 2 year old and a 10 week old,so I asked him what if it were his nephew that chewed the bible,
His reaction was that's different,
I think he now realises that he answered my first question too quick,he also has Tourettes Syndrome and to him everything is black and white,I am slowly getting him to realise there are grey areas in life,he is 25 and really has a heart of gold,
This has been a great post,it opens up pathways of conversation,I try to understand my son but it isn't always easy.

203342 tn?1328737207
by April2, Jan 26, 2011
Ok, I'm a Christian too and I'd be upset if my bible got chewed or destroyed, whether by an animal or a child but there's a simple solution here. Put the bible up where it can't get damaged.

And no, I wouldn't get rid of the animal or the child, lol. I would have to take part of the blame for being careless enough to leave it out where it could get damaged.

1461073 tn?1308677548
by crackerjack4u2, Jan 26, 2011
Hi Narla,
Being a Christian myself, and being the proud owner of 6 beautiful dogs. I would not blame the dog if it chewed up my Bible or anything else (LOL and believe me they have done just that more than once) because it would have been solely my fault for leaving my Bible where the dog could get too, and not monitoring my dog close enough in the first place. Some people shouldn't be an animal owner, or be allowed to have children if they are not going to care for them properly.  I don't see how a woman can call herself a Christian then hang and burn an innocent animal from a tree, those 2 things in my eyes do not go together at all. This remains me of the Salem days where they burned suspected Witches at the stake.   It was wrong then, and it is wrong now.  

As far as your son not wanting to keep a dog that did that, it is entirely his choice.  Although I disagree that he should get rid of the animal because of that, and feel the blame is being placed on the wrong source, his way of doing it would certainly be more humane than what the women did though.  A dog does not think like a human, and does not make the conscious choice to say to himself "My master ticked me off today so I'm going to teach him a lesson and go chew up his Bible" some dogs just like to chew anything within their reach, regardless of what that anything is.   As far as his statement that no one is innocent, I'm wondering if perhaps he was referring to innocent as being free of sin?    LOL but if I ever get falsely accused of a crime, I'll pray he is not one of my jurors,  just in case I'm wrong on this LOL.   Have A Wonderful Day and God Bless Brenda    

Avatar universal
by Myown, Jan 26, 2011
That poor dog, So horrible. I am a Christian and no this is not something that God would tell her to do. Sickens me when I hear of things like this and people claim God told them to do it...

The bible says this in Proverbs 12:10 -"A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel."

So she thought she was doing a kind act by carrying out what she thought she was hearing from God and killing a "devil dog" to save children from this animal.,,,and you saw what the Bible says > "the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel."
So again proves Gods Word - an example of the wicked and cruelty and always feeling "justified" for what they do.

If an adult ripped my bible up I would think there was something wrong with them, but a child or dog - that is innocent. We are not to worship the actual book itself. You can always replace your bible. Its not like we are in some country where we cannot have or buy a bible and even if we were, to harm an animal, that is disgusting, horrific and this lady should go away for a long time. As far as animal abuse especially to this degree - throw away the key. This lady is dangerous as far as I am concerned..

495284 tn?1333894042
by dominosarah, Jan 26, 2011
This woman is just downright disturbed, plain and simple.  God didnt have anything to do with this......

Avatar universal
by vicki595, Jan 26, 2011
Narla~~  Yes,you're son sees things in black and white. I've been accused of that myself!!  It's rigid thinking but not sick.
He has deep faith and that's wonderful.  By pointing out the gray areas in life,you're truly helping him to think more deeply. He'll learn,as we all do,that life is mostly gray. It's part of the process of growing up emotionally and it's just taking him awhile to "get it".  I'm sure he sees now that he spoke too soon. It's a completely emotional reaction...

The woman in the story is psychotic. Animals are such a gift!  I have dogs and have had as many as 5 at one time. Between the dogs and my little girl,I had nothing below 4 feet laying around ever! If I did,it would be outside or chewed up!
And it would be my fault...


1032715 tn?1315984234
by narla, Jan 26, 2011
Thank you Vicki,you seem to understand my son better than me LOL,He is slowly learning about grey areas.

662085 tn?1331345560
by Cloudwindgate, Jan 26, 2011
Those people should go to jail. Life is life to take it is wrong. Especial over "god"  

So sad those animals where killed over those things. You could just go out and buy a new bible. I've had dogs eat things that I really liked. I had a stuff animal that I use to sleep with every night. MY dog ate it and I was so upset. I screamed throw my fist but I never touched my dog. She layed with me after that. I loved all my dogs and I would take someones life if it meant I would save them. I dont value human life over animals simply we are animals our self and are no better. Even if the bible was sacred and your dog chewed it up would god want you to spill the blood of the innocent if so then you(general statement not meaning you narla) may want to check what god your praying to. When I hear of dog fights and animal abuse I get so upset. We put up with people doing this crap for no real gain. I can accept us killing an animal to eat it because it allows us to live although we eat and waste more meat then necessary. But the abuse we give to dogs we would never accept to happen to a human, All this stuff brings up so many bad memories and makes me remember all the animals that died so we could live, all the dogs that have protected us , all the animals that have stood by us in our moment of sadness, pain, anger.

1253584 tn?1332877954
by ang_811, Jan 26, 2011
What a disturbing story. Thats just down right insanity. I still dont understand how people can hurt animals so easily.

1432897 tn?1322959537
by Punkinhead75, Jan 27, 2011
Forgive then teach.

662085 tn?1331345560
by Cloudwindgate, Jan 27, 2011
you connot tech those unwilling to learn

1486688 tn?1333853707
by rockinrobin32, Jan 27, 2011
ok..I'm a christian too...HOWEVER, if my or any other dog chewed my Bible..I wouldn't do anything to the's just a book to a dog..just like any other thing he'd like to chew.  That's life.  You should keep your Bible put up..especially if you have pets OR CHILDREN.  I guess I colored in my mom's Bible..she didn't like it..told me not to do that again.  The end.  It is rediculous to think a dog should be tortured for any reason.  Get another Bible.  I'm sure God would understand:O)

1486688 tn?1333853707
by rockinrobin32, Jan 27, 2011
yes, that woman is not what I'd call Christian..those like her give the real one's a bad rep.  She is pure evil.

Avatar universal
by bbxx, May 13, 2011
I just saw this. I am a Christian. First of all, this person has issues. Second of all, I have read the entire bible and am currently studying it.  What I am 100% convinced of, is that if we are Christians, we are suppose to
always forgive, and always love. Now I wont say I am able to do that all the time, because obviously I am not. :(
This is what a Christian is SUPPOSE to do though.
Also, if this person read their bible they would know God says vengence is for HIM alone to do, so IF God would have been mad (which is just crazy), then she would have still been wrong to take matters into her own hands. We are to love and forgive. Also, the bible tells us to care for our animals.

1755089 tn?1376053555
by drewlevas, Oct 25, 2011
I teach bible to kids and young adult. Belive me if the woman in the strory would see MY bible she would probably try to hang me to! I wrote in the margins and use color coded highliner and post it in it to find my reference faster. The priest at our church only smiles when he see me use my bible.

If my dog or kids would damaged my bible I would be mad and sad but I would not harm them. I would just buy a new one and try to save as much of my old bible as possible so I can use my notes!

I know its an old entry, but I had to put a word here.

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