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Fortune Teller....

Jan 27, 2011 - 3 comments

Fortune Teller tonight at 7.30pm..... what will they say....hhmmm something bout pregnancy and children I hope!!

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1418198 tn?1483277496
by Rellyrell, Jan 28, 2011
So what happen with the reading, I'm thinking about getting a reading done today....

Good Luck & God Bless!!!!

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by zara2010, Jan 28, 2011

I went to her before and she said my first was to be a boy and then last night she said a boy and then TWINS this time :)
Twins run in both mine and my fiancé's family and I would absolutely love it!!
She said she cant see any medical problems and that we would be pregnant soon... she didn't give me a date tho!
She said I need to relax and give up trying cause God will bless me when its right... but she said it will be SOON :)))))
She also said that I will be surprised by my pregnancy and that I wont know I'm pregnant.... cant see how thats gonna happen when I cant stop thinking about it.

Not going to hang on her every word cause then I will be expecting to be pregnant and it will never happen.
But I'm feeling positive that its going to happen... my cousin is also a clairvoyant and he told me April/May so we will have to wait and see.....

I would go if I was you... worth a try... just try and be sceptical... I'm positive from her reading but not saying that she's right

Oh... She also said that she can see I'm stressed and tired and I agreed, I cant take much more of this torture! To add to my misery another women in my office announced she is 11wks pregnant and I'm just at breaking point!! xxxx

1418198 tn?1483277496
by Rellyrell, Jan 28, 2011
Awwwwwwww, well be stressfree and as much as it kills us all try not to think about it...... It will happen soon!!!!

Good Luck Z

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