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My Bed the Torture Rack

Jan 27, 2011 - 2 comments

I have had very little sleep since Sunday.

I have been in allot of pain, a different type of pain than what I usually have.  It is familiar, it reminds me of what was happening to me last year about this time except this is 100 times worse.  

The first night (Sunday night) I had taken my regular meds and went to bed.  I woke up about 2 hours after I had fallen asleep, I was in incredible pain in my joints.  So intense.  I did my best to stretch everything and move each joint---it took a long time.  I eventually went back to sleep only to awaken about an hour later with the same intense pain.  I spent most of the night awake and kept taking more medications which I never do at night.  

So, each night since then it has worsened.  Last night for example, I woke up about 45 minutes after falling asleep.  I would fall asleep and awaken minutes later with the same intense pain.  So, I have had very little sleep to say the least.  And stiff----incredible stiffness.  Shoulder, pelvis, knees, ankles, lower back, kidney area---everywhere.

I haven't taken much Vicodin since I have to monitor that.  I dipped into the Tramadol I had left instead.

So, here I go tonight hoping it's not another night from hell.  It's times like this that mixing some of these meds becomes tempting.

Here goes nothing________

What a mess!!!

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1394601 tn?1328032308
by Sumanadevii, Jan 27, 2011
Red, I do know what you are speaking about...that pain is awful.  I am lucky to get three or four hours in before waking.  I do take Ambien and that helps.  Are you on any sleeping medication?  If not, it might be something to ask your doctor about.   My other little known trick is to save a Percocet and after waking take one.  Then I get another hour or two.  If not, at least I can snuggle under the blankets without too much pain and wait for my husband to wake...

1312898 tn?1314568133
by RedFlame, Jan 28, 2011
Sumana,  thanks for reading and responding to my journal.  Such a strange things to happen suddenly.  Your tips really helped.  I do take Ambien which helps me get to sleep originally.  I made sure I had some extra Klonipin on my bed-table as well as some Vicodin and Tramadol.  It did make a difference and I got some sleep.  Thank you!

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