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Jan 29, 2011 - 2 comments



pelvis pain

i have a condition called symphis pubis dysfunction hope ive spelt that right, ive been sooo good at protecting my back from further injury after my buldging disc problem that my poor old pelvis has not only been slackened due to baby #4 and the pregger hormones i have racing thru my body but the strain ive inadvertantly put onit protecting my back. I am no longer able to bend to use the oven which is floor level, washing machine, tumble etc and i have to be careful not to open my legs too wide to aggrivate the central bit which can apparently pull apart. I am to wear a big white belt thing to help...its not very sexy and baby hates it and kicks and protests....
baby is stil breech...hmmm now i am getting worried....and to top it all ive chipped a molar and you can see right down to the inside of my tooth and the dentists is closed until monday! arghhhhh
apart from that relief as hubby is home for the weekend even tho he's really upset because our son has been sent home with a letter for us to see his teachers as he's been really naughty and we have been summmoned....not good!

baby j
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by nola0805, Jan 29, 2011
I had SPD my entire pregnancy - from 11 weeks until delivery (at 40 weeks) - I wore the pelvis support belt from about 16 weeks on - yes, it is a pain to wear and my baby kicked at it all day long too, but it saved me and really reduced my pain.  I also highly recommend physical therapy - there are physical therapists that specialize in pelvis issues.  The combo of the belt and physical therapy allowed me to stay mobile and stay working (I worked until the day I delivered) but by the end I was not able to walk without a cane and walking got pretty tough.  Bending is okay with SPD but you really have to be careful about carrying or lifting any extra weight - this was terrible for me because we had just moved and I could not lift a thing!  The same goes for gaining weight - my doctor urged me not to gain too much weight as that just adds to the pressure on your pelvis.  You are also smart to try to avoid separating your legs much - that will help - and make sure to sleep with a small pillow between your knees.  

My physical therapist kept telling me that this would get better as soon as I delivered (I had to just get all the extra weight off my pelvis) and sure enough, the minute after I delivered I could walk without the cane.  It then took about another 4-6 weeks to get back to completely normal -so it does get better.  I was panicked that this would effect delivery, but once labor started it was not an issue and the pushing stage lasted only 10 minutes.  So if your baby turns, which she hopefully will, do not worry about SPD and delivering.

feel free to PM me with any questions - unfortunately I am now sort of an expert on SPD.

good luck and hope you feel better

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by natashajay, Jan 30, 2011
oh wow thank you soooooo much, this pregnancy has been trying as ive had everything literally!
this just seemed to be the last straw...yea wearing it all day and doing the excercises given, luckily i dont lift anything heavier than the kettle and haven't done since august 09 when i had buldging disc problem and spent 10 months in agony walking with firstly crutches then a cane, as for the info for after birth thank you so much, i was getting quite worried...they dont give you much info and ive tried looking it up but it says what it is not much on what happens after etc...anyhow thats brill thank you so much xx

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