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Yoga can fix everything...

Jan 29, 2011 - 1 comments





yoga teacher training







Following worsening Multiple Sclerosis symptoms since August 2007 after 18 years at the Building Society I have not been able to work I felt I resembled a person of low worth. I never anticipated being powerless to continue with my much enjoyed voluntary of Charity Coordinator. I could not make a difference as I helped other people in need within the community. All that maintained any positivity in my normal incredible positive attitude is my love of yoga. Yoga helped me manage the various visible and invisible symptoms that Multiple Sclerosis bestows upon us. My practice of yoga enabled me to balance the despondency and maintain my renowned positive attitude.

Then I attended the Yoga show and inspired Yoga Aid so much and Yoga academy offered me a scholarship to pay to train and, and the next year the MS society was one of the nominated charities at the yoga show’s Yogathon.

I may have the challenge of MS to live with that does not stop my endless supplies of ideas. I can make things happen…

Light and laughter sends with m the best hopeful intentions.


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by aheart, Jan 29, 2011
What a breath of fresh air you are! With renewed hope for yourself and for others, what you have accomplished for MS is nothing short of amazing. My brother was stricken with MS at the age of 58 and I know how important the physical therapy is. My brothers insurance is always stopping short of paying for what he needs so I would love to know how to get my brother started with this. How do you know which moves are good? Do you have a book or article that speaks directly about
MS and yoga and how to get started?
God Bless You for what you have done for yourself and others, its very inspiring! Light and Laughter right back at you, and we are very blessed to have you among us!  

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