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Headaches, Dizziness, Numbness - feet, hands and face

Jan 14, 2008 - 2 comments




I have been having dizzines for over 10 years at one point a doctor told me that the inner ears are out of balance and gave me medication.  Still the dizziness came and go without  any pattern.  This last week I suffered heaches which as coupled with dizzness by the end of the week.  My two feet, hands and now  hace are numb.  It is a very wiered feeing of black out.  ECG, Blood works are nornal but blood pressure on the high side 150/100.  I am getting worried not knowing what could be the cause of all these.  Please help.

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by Crisjax, Mar 15, 2008
My coworker had some of the same problems. She had severe headaches and dizziness. It was her thyroid gland. It was cutting off her oxygen. She had to get it removed. Have your doctor to check it, Get them to do some kind of scan of your thyroid. I don't remember what kind of scan it was. But the blood test did not detect the problem and neither did the doctor. The tech who did her scan is the person who figured out her problem.

I hope this helps you.
May God Bless you,

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by Melissa072, Sep 07, 2008

Was wondering if you ever found any answers to your symptons,  I also have numb face, feet, and dizziness.


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