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Abnormal vaginal discharge

Jan 30, 2011 - 0 comments

vaginal discharge

i am 17 and i have had chlamydia once. it was treated and cleared in november. i did not have sex with the same person who gave me this but i did have sex with another person twice once in december and once in january. since then i have been having abnormal periods. the first period i had i bled for a day or two and then had stringy brown discharge with no odor. before my most recent period i had clear stringy cloudy vaginal discharge . my period came right on time and was normal . lasted about 5 days and then after i had this brown discharge again . i have since had lower abdominal pains . the brown slowly turned into a slightly yellow, now cloudy and mixed with dried blood. does any have an educated guess as to what this can be?

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