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Sep 07, 2008 - 1 comments

I was nearsighted since the age of 5. Since my 8th grade science project on "The Human Eye" I have always been fascinated by the study of sight and vision.  When I had cataract surgery with Crystalens recently I started scouring the web for all the stories and scientific articles I could find, wanting to learn as much as I could. I have started answering some posts from patients whose situations are similar to my own in the hopes that I can share my experiences and some of what I've learned through reading. My opinions are no substitute for those of an MD. The most important thing in cataract surgery is to find the best surgeon you can, who will also be responsive to your questions and follow-up needs.

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by 121steve, Sep 07, 2008
Please is anyone out their who could give me an advise before my cataract surgery
My nearsightedness I was told is a problem because I' m likely develop a (RD ) Retina Detachment .
I'm 70 years old good heath but my eyes going bad on both eyes
No more high ranged glasses available for me.
It's ether / blind or RD .?

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