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Surgery's over, healing begins!

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side effect

Hi all, I have been off the boards having surgery this past Aug. 27 at Johns Hopkins for a thoracic ascending aneurysm and mechanical aortic valve implantation.   So I am 11 days post op and having severe sharp pain in the heart area and wondering if this is to be expected or if it is a complication.  I have a call in to my dr., but felt the need to also post it here. The sharp pain happens when I inhale very deeply or turn on my left side in bed.  This wasnt happening when I left the hospital, so there was no mention to that I'm home, this started and has me scared.  I hope the surgical team calls so I can know if this is a complication or if it is to be expected.

To all who have had me in their thoughts and prayers, thank you, thank you, thank you!  In addition to the complaint of sharp pain, I noticed when I wake I get sinus headaches sometimes, wonder if that is side effect of coumadin or one of the 13 meds I am on?  I also have to get used to a low salt diet...I was already eating alot of low fat dishes.  I have lost 14 lbs since leaving the hospital.  

The doctor and the staff at John's Hopkins were exemplary and outstanding! I couldnt have gotten better care anywhere.  Although there were some clerical errors and delays, the caregiving staff, the doctor, the PA's, the NP's, all the way from dietary to garbage removal were excellent.  We did have to call someone in HSKPG to clean my bathroom about halfway thru the stay. I was there 6 days, 12.5 hrs.   The most special nurses in the world work on the Cardiac ICU and in the Cardiac Post Cardiac Unit on Nelson 6. They know who they are but in no particular CPCU order, the big thank you goes out to :  Dr. Duke Cameron, PA Dee Williams, Nurse Manager Tina Cafeo,  PA Dawn, Nurses Amy (CCU), and the PSU team of : Kim, Cheryl, Denise, Lindsay, Rosa and Josie. Your thoughtfulness and kindness can never be repaid.

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