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long pregnancy

Jan 31, 2011 - 0 comments

i know its not that long away but for some reason im soooo impatient for this baby to arrive, perhaps its all the problems ive had?
it was a bit of a funny weekend, we popped to Bristol for extra paint to finish the walls off, still glossing etc to be done...then sunday DH did more painting..bless him ive been waiting for him to go into the loft for the inner lining of the moses basket and he'd been up there going thru boxes for a good half an hour and i found the lining in the airing cupboard! he wasn't happy!
so thats dressed now just the pram to get down and clean but he's a bit funny about that and won't get it down yet...the car seat and the pram insert flat bed bit is down and cleaned he just wont get the pram itself...funny.
im off to the dentist at 11.50am tho what they can do for half a molar missing i don't know, i can't have anything major done...its gotta be seen tho.
My weight is steadily climbing tho not from eating...still getting bouts of nausea and the odd sort of soft BM...could be things moving along altho im sure baby is still breech there is something very hard wedged up under my ribs, and the pressure although still in my groin is not as much as when baby was right side up so to speak. Dave popped to see his nan last night and found auntie Sylvia had arrived for 2 weeks from Canada to stay and help at nan's! wow...but i think there will be a little pressure to have baby so Sylv can meet and greet, she's missed all 3 childrens births by weeks...i know dave was thinking about it as he asked how long i had again...when he was telling me last night.
my son is 10 and doesnt care that his fathyer and i have been called into the school about his behaviour, i think he's up for suspension...he's not worried in the slightest...what can we do? we've tried everything and im now considering getting him fostered for a while...thats how serious it is.

baby j
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