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BFP on hpt!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 01, 2011 - 3 comments

So this morning I got up at 6am and snuck into the bathroom to take a First Response Early test...I am 6dp5dfet...I kind of had a feeling I was pregnant, started having hot flashes and some cramping, plus had dreams all last night the test was +! So after doing the test, I set it down and waited about 2 1/2 minutes but was wayyy to scared to look-finally I did and saw a faint line! I started screaming and woke up my husband jumping on the bed telling him he's going to be a daddy!! We are so thankful to God and are praying for a healthy pregnancy and birth! My beta is Monday 2/7 so can't wait until then!!

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1446228 tn?1330968686
by beanandsprout, Feb 01, 2011
Btw...this is SO early to must have a strong one(s) in there!  Congrats again, I am so excited for you!

1187113 tn?1320691496
by Dreamia, Feb 01, 2011

1465162 tn?1295374862
by Crystalgodess, Feb 01, 2011
YAY finally!!!!!!!!  CONGRATS . . . Keep that BFP!!!

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