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January 2011

Feb 01, 2011 - 0 comments

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There is always something to do! It's so hard to completely clean up when I have to run around and manage other things. My husband sleeping in until 2pm doesn't help it any. I know it's hard on him working 3rd shift friday and saturday nights but those are the only days. He has usually been working mon and thurs or mon and wed 5p-11p but he should be trying to get to bed earlier so I can at least get things done! It's a pain trying to wash dishes or do laundry while trying to keep our 14 mo old happy. She just learned how to climb onto the couch a few days ago. She's already fallen off of it a few times. She loves pulling all of the tissues out of the tissue box. I just wish I was able to get more done because our house looks a mess.
Change of subject:

My birthday was this month. Doesn't really feel any different. I had my yearly checkup at the Dr's. I have the Mirena IUD. Haven't heard anything back as far as results, which is usually a good thing. I'll call them tomorrow just to make sure though.
We have a parent teacher meeting today. Our oldest has been doing good in school so there shouldn't be any problems.
We are meeting up with family later to celebrate my Grampa's birthday. Hopefully the girls are good and not running around like little heathens.
I still love them though.
Valentines day is approaching... I'll try to remember to post an entry next month.

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