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Stitches and white lines can tell more than words ever could.
I can't seem to quit you, even though I know I should.
I help people 'cause I can't help myself.
You were the best thing I had ever felt.
How do I let the ghosts go?
How do I stop being my own foe?
How do you stop breathing air?
How do you quit the only one who cares?
I can't even look myself in the eye.
I can't even think without wanting to cry.
I can't save myself, all alone.
I can't stop you, you are my home.
The only thing that I have left,
Is killing me slowly, except
I can't say no, I can't move on.
I can't wake up and face the dawn.
Before I adjust, the sun will scorch my skin.
And burn me, burn them, the demons within.

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by pitbull8, Feb 03, 2011
        stiches and white lines mess with human minds , soon u will quit,and let the ghosts go, no longer wll u fear that u are ur own foe ,calmly take ur breath and banish the thoughts of death,to quit on one who cares thee answer may appear with prayers,there will be no need to cry when u look into ur eye,becuase u are never alone,        look around u and feel calm,you.ll find there is no harm,just peace within ur mind ,and when u feel its no! and that u cant move on remember, your in charge and the demonds will move on,they play no part in life,they always r unkind that is why i promise u,stitches and white lines are only in our minds!!!                                                                

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