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what am i doing?

Feb 04, 2011 - 0 comments

so today as i drove to the store i suddenly thought, what am I doing?
i mean why would i put myself thru this? its not a case of just getting pregnant is it? its a full on anxious filled, sometimes painful mostly uncomfortable 8.5 i(if your lucky) months or 9 months of total loss of control over my emotions, body and soul...
i mean ok i get a baby at the end...that much is ok...the birth yea im still ok with that at the moment....but really did i really know what i was doing back then?
i know what id say if i were reading this..too late now but it just suddenly struck me that i was sooo out of my depth it was scarey.
im still telling myself and anyone who asks that ive 2 more weeks to go...i can't even contimplate anything beyond feb 14th although at the begginning i had feb 26th in my head for some reason.....we shall see......

baby j
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