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RSV Scare & Hemangiomas

Feb 04, 2011 - 2 comments

RSV - I called the peditricians office last week to be sure that Connors congestion was normal run of mill sick and they said we better bring them BOTH in. I was annoyed because I almost felt that they just wanted to charge me for two office visits but agreed because I felt dumb saying no, nevermind. So we took them in on Friday and they both seemed ok just kinda sick and the dr said he thought with the coughing and Lily had some weezing, he said they both had bronchotis and possibly RSV so we had to go right over to hospital and get tested. If it was positive they were looking as a possible hospital admission and 2 weeks with apnea machines! LUCKILY they both tested negative!! It was very scary, they are on breathing treatments from a nebulizer, we rushed out and got the cool mist humidifier and they both slept in bouncy seats (Connor still is) because the dr said it helps with the congestion. Tom and I were super sick too and it was TOUGH to take care of the babies when we needed to be resting and getting better ourselves but we didnt have a choice so we sucked it up and we are finally feeling better. What a week! We are all better now for the most part, they sound horrible but seem in good spirits.

Hemangioma - So Connor has developed a Hemangioma on his head. It started to appear a few days after birth. We assumed it was a bruise from delivery but the dr said that it was a hemangioma but no worries. I researched it and it is more of an eyesore to parents and doesnt effect the child at all and usually goes away on its own in a few years or so. It has gotten really large but we expected it to and although we hate the way it looks we are fine with it. Well their 2 month shots were given by the nurse practioner so at the visit on Friday the doctor is NOW saying that he is sure it is still fine but he is going to refer Connor to a neonatoligy surgeon just as a percaution!!! Im glad he is being cautious but how scary that my baby has to even meet with such a dr! I called but they still havent set the apt yet. Im not really scared just anxious.

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by Rose33, Feb 04, 2011
omg Kristy....sorry you and your family had to go through this but I am glad things r okay now. will keep u guys in my prayers.

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by Ready_2_be, Feb 05, 2011
OMGoodness you had a rough week!!! I am glad you & your little angles are starting to feel better!

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