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Oral lesions, hyperplasia and lymphadenopaty

Feb 05, 2011 - 0 comments

One thing is for sure---my life is not boring!

I had my appointment with Oral Maxillofacial Surgery on Thursday.  The appointment was a referral to see if the lesions in my mouth were from Behcets.  

I think they did a thorough exam of my tongue and mouth.  He did find several glands that were lymphadenopathy, I think that means they are swollen.  They are on the same side as the place in my tongue that is thickened and have some white patches.  Not sure what that means.  They attempted to take a history of all of this---the problem was that I had difficulty explaining all of it because there have been so many things going on in my body that I ignored it.  

numb chin
inability to taste
many white/blue lesions that don't heal and don't hurt, haven't healed in 6 months
numb areas in my mouth

They did quite a bit of talking to each other during this time which was OK by me.  He showed her some areas in the other side and told her hyperplasia.  

He said the lesions didn't appear like the ones you see in Behcet's.  Behcet's lesions are also painful.

So, he gave me a script for anti-fungas.  If there is some Candida in there it will make the biopsy difficult to interpret.

The biopsy will be done on the 14th about 10 days away.  

Sometimes I feel like I am on an E ride at Disneyland.  If you are reading this and know what that means, you are old:-)

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