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2 days till my beta

Feb 05, 2011 - 2 comments

So although I am ECSTATIC over my BFP on the multiple (hehe) hpt's I've taken, I think I will feel much better after my beta on monday. I can't complain much about symptoms- I do get a mild headache every day, some smells bug me and definitely gassy haha! No sore boobies yet or real nausea! Ive been trying so hard to eat extra well-really increasing my protein b/c Im lacto-ovo vegetarian-finding lots of protein has been trying. I will admit I do want a mini sundae tonight and I am making DH take me now to get one lol! Saying many many prayers for Monday's results-come on high numbers and healthy baby(s)!!!

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1210256 tn?1320344149
by lovebaby605, Feb 07, 2011
Congratulations on your BFP!!! I just got a faint BFP last Friday and now it's getting very dark. I have the exact same symptoms you have (1st IVF too). Praying for a good beta numbers for you today. Mine is until Wednesday. I wish you a wonderful and healthy pregnancy!

1387940 tn?1299097997
by charliesmom09, Feb 07, 2011
Oh congratulations-isn't it amazing to see that other line appear?? I had my beta today, very anxiously awaiting the phone call! Good luck on Wednesday, I'll pray for you to have a healthy pregnancy! We are very much on the same track so let's try to KIT!

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