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Superbowl Sunday

Feb 06, 2011 - 0 comments









no smoke







Fell asleep this morning at about 2, woke up at 8.  My sleep schedule's been so goofy these days 've decided I really need to dedicate myself to a mood tracker- but it's impossible to find a good one that'll work on both the laptop and on my phone.  

Today at 1500 I'm going to Tony's for the Superbowl.  I really hope Lucas isn't there- if he says one goddanm word to me I've made sure everyone knows that I'm going to break his nose.

I'm lazy and still sleepy, but I just wally want to DO something.  After I'm done playing with this I'll probably move all my music from my external.

****, I need cigarettes.


The Superbowl party was enjoyable, I sat on Tinychat the whole time capslocking in reaction to the game.  Caige was there, and didn't really acknowledge me all night, save from an awkward hug when he left (he was standing behind me, I was sitting).  I talked to Tony a little bit about how he frustrates me by associating with Devan.  Apparently they're officially a thing.  I said that it annoyed me, my jealousy aside.  Tony says my jealousy has more to do with it than I may think.  I really like Caige, even in a non-romantic way, but I can't stand how he walks into situations where he's bound to get hurt.  I don't have the emotional fortitude to worry about someone else as much as he needs to be worried about.  That aside, there is indeed a stupid crush involved.  I'll keep my distance.

I got home and shot the **** with Benson on aim.  I realized how distant I've become from all of my older friends, but also that I really don't care for the mass majority of them.  I told him he should call me some time to go play and went to sleep.

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