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Sep 08, 2008 - 2 comments





Pseudotumor cerebri

As I noticed lately just how much I like to do research on IIH, of course as you all know for selfish reasons, I have decided to change my major from Legal to Medical (neurology). At least this way when I am researching I will have a lot better understanding, know how to read MRI's, CT's ect...correctly... Perhaps in the event I do not obtain a job from all my education, having a better understanding of this conidtion, maybe helping in the search for the cure, will fullfill me completely, selfishly. Truthfully it would be perfect to obtain my medical license and be able to have a private practice, would it not be nice to have a neuro who goes threw what you do on a daily basis? a neuro who understands when you say your in pain she knows how and where? Although I am not trying to get anyone excited because neurology is a task and I have many years before I could even consider getting a medical license not to mention, if I want to be able to specialize in a particular area I had better start writing my grad school entrance essay now lol. Because I would need to go to harvard medical school for real. sry I had just to blurt it out...

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397460 tn?1268537336
by Cath278, Sep 09, 2008
You go Girl !!! I need  you. And , people who have this illness need you. and I dont think we are going any where soon...So you get all smart for us and then come back and fix us!Cath.

610983 tn?1351313526
by bethaniet586, Sep 09, 2008
Sounds like a good deal to me, and I would have to agree I don't think anyone is going n e where soon nor is this ****.lol

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