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a change

Feb 07, 2011 - 0 comments

so saturday was very tiring, i wandered or rather waddled around the shops for about an hour then spent saturday evevning vegging. i had a nice bath but was uncomfortable all night and had what i can only describe as period cramps all night, sunday i got up despits DH telling me to stay put...well my DD 's were fighting. over the course of the morning and first part of the afternoon i basically nested, i have done some more to a friends baby book, finished orders and tidyed craft rooom, cleaned lounge kitchen, put lots of ironing away, tidy and dusted my bedroom and the most proud thing of all, sorted my airing cupboard out and it looks soooo fab and neatly stacked i keep wandering in there to check it out :)
everyone greeted me at school with yay one week to go and wow your bump has completly changed shape, its dropped so im hoping these are all good `signs`
ive also noticedi can't tolerate hot drinks anymore not even the drinking chocolate im partial too so something def has changed and i personaly am hoping for next monday to come and bring with it my baby girl xx

baby j
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