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CCSVI in California!

Feb 07, 2011 - 1 comments






I am head to Pacific Interventionalists to have the CCSVI testing and Liberation Treatment next week! I am tired of getting more drugs for this and that, and hope the treatment will help with symptoms enough to be able to wean off a lot of the crap I am taking.

Am a lot better from the IVIG treatments and can get around and drive and do a short shopping trip, but the fatigue and dizziness and bladder and bowel troubles continue.

I know that the Liberation Treatment isn't a cure for MS but if it can relieve some symptoms and make my quality of life better, what the heck! Go for it. Its not experimental and its not dangerous as far as procedures go. I am using my unused vacation money from the last few years to make the trip and have the treatment.

At worst, it will be a weeks vacation in sunny southern California and a new photo opportunity. I haven't seen the Pacific Ocean since I was a child so I am looking forward to the beach at sunset.

I will be adding to this journal as I get back and will relay my thoughts and results about the treatment and location and any relief I get.

I picked Pacific Interventionalists because they have a great track record and those who have been treated by Dr Arata have been thrilled.

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by US965384, Dec 15, 2012
How did your procedure go?  Did you get any significant improvements?

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